Best Yoga Sequences to do in the Morning

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morning yoga practice

My favorite thing to do is to practice yoga in the mornings. It helps me loosen up all those tired muscles and really get going in the morning. Here I will share with you some of my favorite videos from YouTube for Morning Yoga.

morning yoga videos

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Why you should do Yoga in the Morning

As with any exercise, yoga will get your blood flowing.

Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and to releases endorphins in the brain, causing you to feel energized and awake.

This is why doing a tough workout before bed is not such a great idea

Doing a Vinyasa flow, or morning flow yoga practice in the mornings can have great positive effects on not only how you feel physically, but your mental outlook.

There are many benefits to doing yoga in the morning, including reduced stress, better cognitive focus, and increased energy.

Increased Energy

Waking up can sometimes feel like a chore.

If you didn’t get a good enough nights sleep your body might feel stiff or achey, and the first place you head for is the coffee pot.

While coffee is wonderful (I certainly think so) rolling out your mat and starting some light stretches may be the best thing to wake up those tired bones.

More Focus

Yoga is good for your brain.

Some say that Yoga is better for mental focus and clarity than any other exercise.

This is because yoga is not only a physical exercise, but a mental exercise. While you are going through sequences you are basically giving your mind a good exercise as well.

Reduced Stress

One of the things yoga is known for is its ability to reduce stress in the body and mind.

By learning how to breathe properly and connect your mind and body in a series of movements, it creates a sense of harmony.

Yoga promotes relaxation and eases stress, and can cause levels of stress and anxiety to decrease with practice.

1. Morning Yoga – 20 Min Wake Up Sequence by Five Parks Yoga

2. Wake Up Yoga with Tara Stiles

3. Yoga Morning Fresh with Yoga by Adriene

I hope that you find these sequences to be beneficial!

If you like the video’s please go check out Erin Sampson of Five Parks Yoga, Tara Stiles and Yoga With Adriene on YouTube and give them a thumbs up and a subscribe.

I’m sure they’d appreciate the love and support.

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~As always, have an awesome and healthy day~

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