10 Affirmations for Mindfulness in 2019

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This year, I think there is a lot more people focusing on mental healing. I know that when 2019 started I had a lot on my mind about my influence, my mindset and how I affect those around me.

We only control so much, so it is important to remind ourselves of the realm of control we have (our own actions), and to look forward to the possibilities of the future.

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The importance of Affirmations


We need to remind ourselves of our importance sometimes.

There is so much propaganda out there that tells us that we are not enough “unless” or “until” we have certain things or do certain things or look a certain way.

Break that down!

There is no reason that we cant feel like we are enough, because we are enough. Everything you need is already inside you. You are enough.

Here are some helpful reminders of the truth that is inside us all.

10 Affirmations to start living more mindfully this year.

  1. I am calm, focus and can do whatever I put my mind to.
  2. My ability is based on my thoughts. If I think I can, I can.
  3. I control my actions. I choose how to react in tough situations, and I do not let others actions control my emotions.
  4. I am loved. I have people around me that care about my well-being.
  5. I am limited only by my choices. I can succeed, I can make a good living for myself and my family.
  6. I am aware. I do not go through life with blinders, and I see those around me.
  7. I am strong. I know that exercise is vital to my health, and I take care of my body.
  8. I am helpful. My mind is clear and I can see when others need help and do my best to be a good friend and a good worker.
  9. My emotions are valid, no matter what they are. I acknowledge how I feel, center myself, and choose my actions once the moment has passed.
  10. I choose life. There is goodness all around and I choose to find it in every circumstance. I do not have a negative mind because that is not useful to me or anyone else. I am a light to those around me.

Use these affirmations when you are feeling frustrated, neglected, or over-looked.

When you are feeling less than you really are, or are feeling down, use these thoughts to bring yourself back to where you need to be.

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