5 ways becoming a Minimalist can save you money.

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how to save money by becoming a minimalist

How becoming a minimalist saves you money

You may or may not have heard about minimalism before, and at one time or another you may have been skeptical about all the hype about it. Becoming a minimalist doesn’t mean having a garage sale or throwing away everything in your home.

Today I am going to show you five ways that you can start saving money when you adopt a minimalistic lifestyle!

becoming a minimalist can save you money

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1. Buying less of everything

Being minimalistic means not buying as much stuff.

As an example:

Instead of buying three of the same top in different colors, you choose one. And, shopping only when you need to replace something, instead of adding to what you already have.

2. Buying reusable items

Reusable items are great for minimalism, and great for saving money. We are starting to use cloth diapers for our son, and it is already helping us by not going through his disposable diapers so fast.

There are a lot of reusable items that you can use instead of disposable ones.

These include:

-Hand towels and dish rags instead of paper towels.

-Thermos or water bottle instead of buying water

-Reusable lunch bags instead of zip lock bags

-Wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

-Cloth pads or a menstrual cup instead of pads or tampons

-Cloth diapers instead of disposable

And there are so many more!


3. Thinking before you spend

When you are becoming a minimalist, you start to think more long term when shopping.

“Does this item fulfill a purpose?”

“Is it useful?”

“Do I need it?”

This mentality will keep you from buying things you don’t need, or shopping just for the sake of shopping.

4. Using more of the things you already own

Being minimal means using what you have first.

Using groceries you already have instead of eating out, or wearing clothing you already own instead of buying something new for an event.

There are many areas in life where its more fun and convenient to just buy something new, but in the long run, reusing what you have is the best decision for a simpler life.

5. Being pickier about the quality of items you own

item quality, minimalist

For some reason, quality isn’t always a top priority when shopping.

Im trying to be better about this, and overcome the “It’s cheap enough, so I’ll buy it.” mentality.

Just because something is inexpensive, DOES NOT mean you are saving money.

Inexpensive or cheaply made items will have to be purchased over, and over and over again. If you pay more money for a high quality item, it can last for years.

That will actually save you more money in the long run.

Make investments, not just purchases.

How to become a Minimalist: Learning from others

Sarah Therese is one of my favorite YouTubers, and without her channel, I don’t think I would really understand minimalism at all.

Let alone, how healthy it can be for your lifestyle.

Go ahead and check out her video below, and be sure to Subscribe to her channel for more great videos like this one.

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