How to use Hygge for Spring time

Spring Hygge ideas

How to use Hygge for Springtime

People often think Hygge is just for winter, but you can easily use it during spring as well!

If you are not super familiar with Hygge, it is the Scandinavian or Danish term for “cozy” or “contentment”.

Using Hygge in your home year round can make your house a much nicer place to live, and for friends and family to gather.

Here are some great ways you can Hygge your home for Spring!

Hygge for Springtime

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Hygge Accents for Spring

Using Hygge in the Spring can be a little different than other seasons. For instance, drinking hot chocolate is something you may use for winter Hygge, while a nice warm tea may be something you do in spring.

Here is a short list of things to use for spring Hygge.


flowers for spring Hygge

Flowers can be a great addition to any home during spring! Weather inside on a table, or in front of your home outside, seeing the blooming flowers will give you a feeling of comfort and growth.


Candles, Hygge for Spring

Candles are wonderful all year long, but during spring they can be extra nice.

I love lighting lavender or floral scented candles during springtime, especially with a nice warm bath.

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Curtains & Open windows

Open window spring

Open those windows!

Letting fresh, clean air circulate through your home is not only good for you, but good for making it feel more clean and spring-like inside.

Finding some nice, light drapes or curtains for your home will brighten any room, and make it feel more like home.

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Springtime Hygge treats

tea and cookies, hygge for spring

Treating yourself to something warm and comforting is one of the most important parts of Hygge.

Here are some fun ideas to incorporate Hygge into your springtime routine.


Pukka Herbs is one of my favorite tea brands, and they have a fantastic selection of teas for spring.

Pukka’s brand believes in sustainability, and is inspired by ancient Ayurvedic herb and tea techniques.

Instead of just drinking coffee, finding some good teas and caffeine free options can be a good way to detox for spring!

I would suggest Revitalize, Mint Refresh, or Peace.

Beet Root Latte

This beet root latte by blume, is a great organic, caffeine free treat.

blume Beet root latte

This pretty pink beet root latte is made with beet root powder, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

There are a lot of good benefits to drinking beet powder, including regulating blood pressure, and giving you the goodness of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Healthy Matcha Green Tea cookies

Sticking with the theme of tea, what’s better than a Green Tea cookie with a ton of health benefits?

These yummy green tea cookies are made with Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen.

Green tea is one of the best teas you can drink!

Some of its benefits include: Lots of good antioxidants, healthy metabolism boost, high energy and more.

Collagen has a ton of great benefits, such as: supporting healthy skin, joints, bone strength and much more.

Check out to see her great recipe, and try these cookies for yourself!

Can minimalists use Hygge?


Minimalism and Hygge can definitely go together!

Minimalism can make your home feel more open, clean, and make your mind feel clearer.

Using Hygge along with Minimalism can make for a very happy home.