5 Surprising Benefits of taking Turmeric daily

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Whether its for joints or immune response inflammation, there are so many health benefits of Turmeric, you will definitely want it in your diet!

Having worked in the Health Food + Supplement industry for years,

I have seen my fair share of Vitamin supplements.

There are always the exotic weight loss herb or food that is being promoted by this or that celebrity, and sometimes I had to do a lot of research when people asked me if stuff really worked.

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(This being said, I am not a medical professional. Always consult with your Doctor or Physician before trying any new supplement, or if you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding.)

When I was working in a Vitamin dept., I got quite a few questions about sports medicine and what to use for joints and inflammation.

Studying herbalism in my spare time has helped tremendously with all my health related job, and I have gotten to learn a lot about a certain popular herb:


Turmeric is an Herb that I had first heard about when I was looking into Ayurvedic medicine in college.

In India, they use Turmeric in just about everything. It is one of their key spices in foods, and medicine.

Turmeric is one of the most widely used herbs for joint pain and inflammation, and that is what it is most popular for.

There are so many other things that Turmeric can do though!

Here are 5 surprising benefits of taking turmeric curcumin.

Turmeric as a liver detox

Our liver does a lot to keep our bodies running the way they are supposed to.

It eliminates harmful toxins by turning them into bile, it helps out bodies absorb nutrients, helps regulate hormone production, and much more.

Our liver can get bogged down by things like allergens and pollution, and this can take a real toll on our bodies. Using turmeric can help to keep bile production up, which helps cleanse the liver of toxic substances.

Drinking Turmeric tea is a great way to give your liver the boost it deserves!

Turmeric as a fat metabolizer 

This is probably not the first thing you would think to use for weight loss.

Turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant, which is the major contributor to reducing inflammation.

Obesity can be a cause of inflammation in the body, and when your body has to fight off the inflammation, it has a hard time focusing on weight loss.

Turmeric Curcumin can help lower blood sugar, high cholesterol and fight inflammation, which will give your body a break to focus on losing unneeded weight.

This makes weight loss one of the many benefits of taking Turmeric.

Turmeric used to ease the effects of Asthma

benefits of taking Turmeric curcumin

This is something I didn’t know till I started my research for this post.

Having low-grade asthma myself, I found it interesting to learn that taking turmeric can actually help relieve some of the symptoms of asthma.

Leukotriene is the inflammatory chemical that is responsible for the bronchial constriction in asthma attacks.

Taking a mixture of licorice root, turmeric and boswellia serrata has shown to reduce the severity of asthma attacks. This is because of their natural Leukotriene inhibition, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

While it is not used to “cure” asthma, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory compounds can help relieve the effects of asthma, especially when paired with other herbal antioxidants.

Turmeric for skin conditions

Our skin is our biggest organ. It rids our bodies of toxins through sweat, it regenerates our cells, it keeps us protected from UV rays.

All this to say, we should do our best to take care of it.

One of the many benefits of taking Turmeric is it’s anti-inflammatory properties for you skin. Doing a face mask with Turmeric, Greek yogurt and honey can be very beneficial to reducing redness or puffy-ness.

If you want something pre-made, there is a great facial scrub from Amazon that you can buy. Minimo glow for bath & body.

Its not too expensive, made with natural and herbal ingredients, and uses Turmeric hemp seed oil, and raw manuka honey for an added glow.

Turmeric and Cancer Prevention

I saved this topic for last because its the most serious.

Preventative medicine is probably the thing I am most passionate about, because if you can prevent something, you don’t need to try to repair it later.

Cancer is one of the biggest money makers for pharmaceutical and Chemotherapy companies.

There are many natural ways to keep our bodies clean and toxin free, including taking Turmeric on a daily basis.

In countries where Turmeric is eaten consistently in the range or 100-200mg a day, there are very low cancer rates.

As I was doing research for this post, I stumbled upon this article from Nutritionfacts.org.

The article goes on to talk about the percentages of types of Cancer in U.S. populations and the rates of the same types of Cancer in the Indian populations.

The conclusion was that the Indian Cancer rates are extremely lower.

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In India, they eat much more fresh fruit, powerful spices and herbs, and there are a lot more people who grow their own food.

Maybe, food and nutrition are one of the first places we should start with Cancer prevention.

There is no conclusive evidence that these Cancer rates are so very low because of Turmeric specifically.

But if you compare apples to apples, you might think about taking a Turmeric supplement too.

I know that its a big part of my daily routine, and I intend to continue taking it.

We need to look into alternative ways of keeping our bodies safe and healthy in a chemical ridden world. 

Where do I start?

Start small.

When I started taking Turmeric I wasn’t sure how much to take, what sources where trust worthy, or who to buy it from.

One great brand is Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

They are truly an inspiring company. From their family farms, they use only the best organic, rich soil to grow all of their herbs.

Their policy is “Just pure, all-natural herbs. Nothing extra and nothing added.” and I think that is wonderfully authentic.

Natural Turmeric Extract powder from Bulk Supplements is another good way to go if you want the straight, bulk powder instead of a capsule or liquid. 

Golden Latte

Probably my favorite way to take Turmeric… Golden Latte’s!

This Golden Latte mix by Four Sigmatic is based on the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of Golden Milk.

The combination of powdered coconut milk, Turmeric and Turkey tail mushroom will have you feel de-stressed and less inflamed.

I love this, and have it as part of my nightly self care routine!

You can also get 10% off you first Four Sigmatic order with my coupon code: ENDEAVOR

Thank you for reading, feel free to post comments and let me know your thoughts! 

As always, have an awesome and healthy day.

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