10 Tips for living a more mindful life

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10 Tips for Living a Mindful Life, Mindfulness tips, Mindful Living

This is a busy world we live in.

How do we live a mindful life?

There is so much constant noise and buzzing from phones and TV’s and computers. We unknowing find ways to distract ourselves from life. How much does that damage us in the long run?

What are we missing?

The art of being mindful of ourselves, others and our surrounding’s is so important.

I have seen so many people watch their phones instead of their children when they are at sports or extra curricular activities, and it makes my heart hurt. What is actually more important in that scenario?

Here are my top 10 tips for being more present, and mindful of the now.

10 Tips for Living a Mindful Life

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My 10 tips for living more a mindful life

1. Turn off your phone.

I put this step first because it is our biggest distraction in life. Phones are our constant, most reliable source for instant gratification.

Turn off your phone.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I obviously realize their importance and the role they play in our everyday lives.

We need them to stay in contact, we need them to keep our blog’s up to date and we use them to take photo’s of our kids and pets.

My issue with phones is that on a perfectly sunny day in the middle of spring, it is possible for us to find Facebook more interesting than laying in the grass, feeling the breeze on our skin.

It stops us from living a mindful life.

Cell phone over-use can also damage the minds of our children and young adults, stunting their growth.

That is when we have a problem. This world is too beautiful for phones. Look up, and be here.

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2. Focus your breathing.

When I am anxious or nervous, or feel myself becoming overwhelmed by all the things on my plate, I breathe

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.

In Tai Chi, there is a breathing pattern that start’s by breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 7 and letting go for 8.

Repeating that process till your heart beat slows down can help you calm down, re-center, or just focus on the here and now.

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3. Intentional listening.

It is easy to get caught up. It is easy to start drifting off into our own mind when others are communicating to us.

We need to realize if this starts to happen, and make sure we are giving that other person our undivided attention.

It’s not fair to them if we don’t listen, when they are trusting us with their words, thoughts and feelings. We want to be heard and understood, so we need to be there for our fellow man.

Mindful living, intentional listening

4. Take conscious breaks from technology.

My husband and I have what we call “No Screen” days.

This means that for the whole day, we will turn off the tech and focus on being together.

Sometimes that means going for a walk around the neighborhood or simply catching up and talking with each other over our morning coffee. Take time to focus on one another, it truly adds value to your days.

5. Check in with your loved ones.

Ashton and I have weekly check-ins. We see each other every day and talk everyday, but Friday is check-in day.

We ask each other how we are doing as a partner, what each of us can improve upon or need help with, addressing things we are struggling with or things that we love about our marriage.

You can do this with your spouse, or find an accountability partner to keep up with every week.

6. Take a walk.

This is one of my favorite ways to re-connect and free my mind of clutter.

Being present is the best way to lead a mindful life. Taking walks can help you to erase distractions, focus your energy on taking you from point A to point B, and just soak in the beautiful earth.

7. Do Yoga.

Having a practice that connects you to your body is so important.

When you do yoga, you are breathing into the postures and connecting your breath with your movement. Getting your blood circulating, body moving and mind working all together in unison is amazing for being mindful, engaged and present.

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8. Read. A real book.

By real book, I don’t necessarily mean a big “adult” book. I mean not a kindle. A kindle, while nifty, is still technology. Read a comic book, or something by Jane Austen, or John Green.

Read a real book with pages and paper and that new(or old) book smell. Getting away from technology is one of the best steps to being mindful.

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Living a Mindful Life, Mindful living in 10 steps

9. Spend time with someone you love.

Take time to be with someone you love, and have a good conversation. Good, meaningful conversations are one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Let someone know you are thinking of them and would love to spend some quality time together. Go to coffee, of to the park.

Enjoy the time for conversation and communication.

10. Meditate.

This can be as simple as closing your eyes and breathing.

There is nothing religious about meditation. Check-in with your body, check in with your breathing.

Clear your mind of doubts and worries and just sit. If you are familiar with yoga, there is a posture called Shavasana, or corpse pose.

Lay on your back with palms facing skyward, letting your feet lay open to either side. Just breathe into the moment for as long as you need.

I hope that you found this information beneficial for your walk today!

As always, have an awesome, healthy day.

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