Romantic Essential Oils for Valentines Day

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essential oils for valentines day

Happy Valentines day!! February is the month of love, so its fitting to do a post about romance. Today, we are talking about Essential oils for Romance.

I used to be skeptic about the effects of essential oils on mood and for health, but they have been proven to have some really great benefits.

essential oils for valentines day

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Essential Oils, for those of you that are unsure, are the oils from herbs and plants after extraction and distillation.

The fragrance from the oils can be used for aromatherapy, first aid, pain relief and meed enhancement.

Since perfume is one of the top items bought around Valentines day, we are going to go over which essential oils you can use for romance, to “set the mood” or just for sweet, comforting scents for some well deserved self-care.

Aromatherapy to set the mood


rose essential oil

This may seem like an obvious first choice, and for good reason!

Rose oil has been used for thousands of years for beauty and mental health. Rose is known as the “Essential Oil of Love”, for its promotion of emotional balance and intimacy.

This essential oil is great for relaxing the mind, and is best paired with other oils such as Patchouli, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood or Ylang Ylang.


patchouli essential oil

Patchouli oil helps to decrease inhibition and can give a sense of freedom.

This oil has a light, earthy undertone which blends well with a lot of different oils. Patchouli is considered an aphrodisiac oil, so it is perfect for this romantic holiday.

Ylang Ylang

essential oils

Ylang Ylang has a powerful, floral scent, that is both intoxicating and seductive.

This oil goes a long way, so you don’t need to use very much to make a statement. As well as lifting your mood, this oil is also a good antidepressant and helps the reproductive system.


romance valentines

This soft, woodsy oil has a perfect aroma for an intimate night in.

Sandalwood has been known to help soothe stress and nervousness, creating a balanced atmosphere and environment.

It also encourages feelings of positivity and love.



Jasmine is known for its sweet aroma, and warming qualities.

This is a great oil for topical use (when diluted with a carrier oil), and warms up once applied to the skin.

This oil is also perfect if you are feeling unmotivated and low energy. Jasmine has mood-lifting qualities and can help you fight fatigue, and be in the moment.

Using Essential oils

Of course, when you are using any essential oil it is always best to use a carrier(dilution oil) before using topically. There are some oils that are fine to be used directly on the skin, but be sure to do your research prior to application.

If you’d like to learn about how to make Essential Oil candles, Beeswax and Wicks is a great resource! You can find out more here.

Have a love filled day!

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