20 Fun Gift Ideas for Health Enthusiasts

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Fun gift ideas for healthy people

Ever try to get an gift for someone who LOVES health and wellness, but didn’t know where to start? Finding gift ideas for Health enthusiasts can be a challenge.

We know… it can be really hard.

There are so many specialized diets, and types of exercise, so we have put together a list of some great, fun ideas for that loved one who loves to take care of themselves. (Scroll to the bottom to see our full list!)

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For the Healthy Eater (Vegan, Keto, Vegetarian, etc.)

Four Sigmatic Hot Chocolate

Last year I got super into adaptogenic herbs.

There are so many good benefits to adaptogens, and one thing they can be found in is mushrooms.

This herbal “cocoa” mix is made with Reishi mushroom, a mushroom that has so many amazing benefits from cell regeneration, alleviating fatigue, to immune boosting and so much more.

This hot cacao mix is sure to bring a smile to any health enthusiasts face!

Four Sigmatic Mushroom cacao

Bullet Proof Coffee

Bullet Proof Coffee was originaly designed to work hand in hand with the Ketogenic diet, but can be used in any health diet plan.

This healthy energy coffee is sure to keep any health conscious person perky and energized for the day!

With high quality beans and testing done for toxins, Bullet Proof is a super coffee.

Fun Monthly Subscription

So this is a really cool program, and for anyone who does the Keto diet, this would be such a fun surprise!

The Keto Box is great for anyone on the Ketogenic diet, or fitness nerds in general!

Each month they send you a gift box filled with 8-11 Keto approved snacks and food items.

These boxes are $40 a month, and have many plans including just a single month order, all the way to a 12 month pre-pay. You can also buy gift cards from their site!

Gift Card to their favorite healthy grocer

Everyone loves gift cards, so why not get them a trip to their favorite grocery store?

You may think, “I don’t want to just buy them groceries, its their birthday!” but trust me, extra money to get your favorite expensive Almond milk chocolate Ice cream is definitely a treat.

Lunch Date to their favorite healthy restaurant

There is the great place near where I live called “First Watch” and any friend who randomly takes me to brunch there will definitely get points in my book.

Nothing says I love you more than spending quality time, doing something the other person really appreciates.

When trying to find great gift ideas for health enthusiasts in your life, this is the way to go.

If that means going with your sister to her favorite vegan cafe, do it!

She will feel so loved and appreciated.

The Fitness Nut

fitness gift ideas for health enthusiasts

Beachbody on Demand

Beachbody is my all time favorite at home work out buddy.

This subscription gives you access to all of the awesome, Beachbody workouts at your fingertips!

You can use it on your tv, computer or cell phone, and the subscription can be for 6 months or a full year. Check it out here!

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Water Bottle

Having a good water bottle is important to every fitness lover. Getting them a good, stainless steel water bottle is a nice way to say you care!

Plastic and glass can be okay too, but plastic typically leaches toxins when it gets too warm, and glass can break.

I’ve had three glass water bottles that I have loved, but they are all gone now due to drops.

Training Gloves

Does your friend or family member LOVE weight lifting or cross fit? Training gloves are a must, and its SO nice to have a good pair.

My personal fave when it comes to training gloves are finger-less training gloves, like the ones pictured above by lulu lemon.

Training Shoes

This is something you may want to get them a gift card for, by Training shoes (Court or Running shoes), are vital to a good workout, and healthy feet, legs and joints.

If your loved one is needing a new pair, maybe splurge for a Dicks Sporting goods gift card and let them pick out a good pair.

Weight Band Set

Weight bands are absolutely perfect.

Whether you need to modify your workouts or just don’t have the room and money for a full set of weights.

You can get a great set from Beachbody that works with a door attachment or pullup bar, or this set from Amazon.

For the Yoga lover

Essential Oil starter kit

Almost every yoga enthusiast uses essential oils.

Aromatherapy is an essential part of the yoga practice, and can help with meditation, relaxation and focus.

Mountain Rose herbs is one of my favorite essential oil and holistic wellness product distributes, and they have some great starter packs of essential oils!

Rocky Mountain Essential oil blends

Want an oil for something specific, like Immune Strength, Heart Health, or Chakra opening?

Rocky Mountain Essential oils are 100% pure, and have a satisfaction guarantee.

You can also earn “Oil’ty” rewards when you buy from them. They have a great selection, and their Chakra rollers look amazing. Click the image below to browse their site.

Incense by Utama Spice

Every Yoga enthusiast loves incense.

Incense helps to create a harmony between mind and body, is used to improve relaxation and meditation, and smells lovely.

I use incense myself when I need to focus, meditate, and every time I do yoga.

The Incense pictured below is called “Moon Flower”, and you can get a package of 12 sticks for $6.24 by clicking the image below (you will be taken to their site through my affiliate link).

Utama Spice Natural Incense

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are a necessity, and if you are like me, yours is getting a bit worn out.

Getting a new yoga mat always makes me want to run to the living room, light some incense and get my zen on.

You can get nice yoga mats from Amazon, your local store that sells workout equipment, or you can get this Jute yoga mat pictured below from Maji.


Maji Sports, LLC

Gift Certificate to their local Yoga studio

Who doesn’t love getting to do their favorite activities for free?

Giving them a gift certificate to their yoga studio is a great gift, and even better if you ask if you can join a class with them.

For the Healthy Mama-to-be

Naturally minded mama’s are particular about what they put on their skin and in their bodies. So it is important to find fun gifts that they will be confident in using.

Earth Mama has a great line of products for mama and baby alike!

Being a pregnant mama myself, I have looked into buying some of their products, and really want to try their teas.

They start at only $5.99, which is a really good price for good quality tea.

Click the image below to get 20% off a “Build your own Bundle” package on their website!

Earth Mama Organics - Gifts. gift ideas for health enthusiasts

Babo Botanicals

Give them some love and let them pick out something for mama and baby.

Babo Botanicals has a really good selection of holistic baby and mama products that are healthy and natural.

You can get their gift cards through their site (click the image below), and check out all the other great stuff they have as well!

Sign up to learn more and save 25% OFF on your first purchase.

Build a Mama Gift Basket

Everyone loves a good gift basket, especially one specialized just for them.

This one will take a little work since you will need to put it together yourself, but you know what they like and what they need.

Go crazy, find relaxing, soothing things to put in their basket, maybe some of the things listed above!

If all else fails, decaf coffee, chocolate and spa essentials are always a good go-to.

Girl day Shopping Spree

Taking your mama-to-be for a girls day would probably make her day.

While you need to be aware that her energy levels are probably not what they were before she was pregnant, offering to take her shopping and out to eat with her favorite girls may be just what she needs.

Mental Peace 30 Day guide

This is a product I have built myself, and that I found helpful and enjoyable just to write it.

My eBook 30 Days to Inner Peace is a guided digital journal, that walks you through Mental, Physical and Emotional Peace in just 4 weeks.

There are exercises for each day, and a place for reflection and contemplation.

All expecting mom’s go through so many emotional stages with hormones, changes and getting ready for their newest family member. Give them something to help calm their mind, and lift their spirit.

Click here to check out our eBook page in our shop!

Here is a summarized list of all 20 gift ideas listed above!

For the Healthy Eater

  • Four Sigmatic Hot Cacao
  • Bullet Proof Coffee
  • Subscription box to “the Keto Box”
  • Gift Card to their favorite Healthy Grocery store
  • Lunch date to their favorite healthy resteraunt

For the Fitness nut

  • Beach Body on Demand
  • Water Bottle
  • Training Gloves
  • New Training shoes
  • Weight Band set

For the Yoga lover

  • Mountain Rose Herbs Essential oil started kit
  • Rocky Mountain Essential oil blends
  • Incense
  • Yoga Mat
  • Gift certificate to their Favorite Yoga Studio

For the Healthy Mama-to-be

  • Earth Mama Organics bundle
  • Babo Botanicals gift card
  • Build a Mama Gift basket
  • Girl day Shopping Spree
  • Mental Peace eBook
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