17 Autumn Self Care Ideas You Need To Be Using

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Fall self care

Autumn Self Care

Have you ever thought of using an autumn self care plan?

After summer comes to a close, we all start to get busy again. Work, school, and prepping for the upcoming holidays, and family get together’s can feel like a lot. It’s easy to forget to check in with ourselves, and this can make this time of year more stressful than it needs to be.

If you have never considered utilizing self care, I have some great autumn self care ideas that I think you are going to want to try!

Autumn Self Care ideas

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17 Autumn Self Care ideas for a happier holiday season

Autumn Self care guide

1. Find a favorite fall drink

This could be a favorite coffee flavor, hot cocoa or even mead (which is surprisingly good hot!).

Having a go to drink for the season can give you something to look forward to!

2. Visit a Pumpkin patch with friends

Pumpkins can make great fall decorations, deserts and dishes, and if they last till Halloween, you can make them into a jack-o-lantern!

Plus, picking them out of a field is just really fun.

3. Collect leaves and other treasures in the park

Autumn Treasures

This is something I do every year, and then I decorate the house with all the beautiful fall colors.

Bringing a pop of color, and touch of nature to your living space can be a very special thing.

4. Do some holiday baking

My favorite thing to bake in fall is my low-sugar Pumpkin loaf.

It tastes SO similar to Starbucks Pumpkin loaf, which is my all time favorite fall treat, right next to pumpkin pie.

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5. Go apple picking

Apple orchards around this time of year often have pumpkins as well, and the one that we go to has fresh, hot apple cider!

There are so many fun things about apple picking in the fall.

6. Find a favorite fall accessory

Putting on my favorite burgundy scarf and orange jacket always put me in the mood for a happy fall day. Dressing the part can literally change your perspective!

Try getting a fun, fall lipstick, new boots or thrifting some great scarves for the season. Make it your signature fall look, it can get you excited just to get to change into your outerwear!

7. Buy some fall scented candles

I love me some Pumpkin Spice candles during the fall and winter seasons.

This could be that pumpkin pie is one of my all-time favorite desserts, but these candles are just SO good!

If you’re looking for a healthy fall-scented candle, check out this Pumpkin Spice candle from Plant Therapy!

8. Invest in a mindfulness journal

Do this. Investing in a good mindfulness journal is a way to give yourself some much-needed mental self care.

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Fall Self care, autumn self care ideas

9. Coffee with good friends

This is one of the best, most therapeutic activities I can think of for fall.

An hour at the bookstore with Ashton, my sister Bre or my best friend Emma can make the rest of the day feel 1,000 times better.

10. Chili party! Have everyone bring something

Who doesnt love fall food? This idea may remind you of a Super Bowl party, which isn’t a bad thing! Football is optional.

11. Walk in the park

Being outside for even 20 minutes a day is a great way to improve your mood, and help you feel refreshed and awake.

Thrive Market

12. Go on a Hayride

I love doing this in the fall! Hayrides are so fun, and they are usually free.

13. Make homemade apple cider

Autumn Self Care Cider

14. Festive Bath

Run a hot bath and put on some cinnamon incense or pumpkin scented candles. Self Care at its finest.

15. Stay Hydrated

Our brains and bodies need water.

Especially since the fall and winter are SO dry, its important to make sure that we are getting enough water and electrolytes.

When we don’t, we can get “brain fog” or feel groggy and unmotivated most of the day.

16. Buy a HappyLight

A happy light is something you can buy to help ward off the winter blues.

Since we often don’t get enough vitamin D and sunlight in the chillier months, its good to find ways to supplement.

These lights emulate natural daylight, giving you more energy, concentration and helping to improve mood.

17. Create a Gratitude List

fall self care, autumn self care

Remembering all the good things in our lives can help us to feel better when times are hard.

This can be as easy as writing down one thing a day. Start with something easy, like: “I am thankful that I have a nice bed to sleep in every night.”

Making lists is also therapeutic, and can help you feel a sense of satisfaction. Give this a try, I bet you will feel a lot better afterwards!

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