7 Self Improvement tips that will simplify your life

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You might be taking on too much

I have always been a multi-tasker, and someone who would say yes to just about anything. I am a hard worker, and that can be a really good thing! But often times I have found myself taking on too many projects, and then running myself ragged trying to get everything done for everyone else.

Does this sound familiar?

This happens when we cram our schedules, and don’t give ourselves a chance to breathe or work on ourselves.

It is very possible to lose ourselves in the management of doing things for others. Having a servants heart and wanting to do what you can for others is also a good thing, and its important that people know they can rely on you.

The problem is when you don’t realize that are doing too much.

Working on our own personal development and self improvement can be key to organizing our lives, and simplifying how we live.

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Tips for a simpler lifestyle

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Why your own Self Improvement is key to a simpler life

Story time!

It wasn’t till a year or so ago that I started to realize that I was constantly taking on too much. I was doing Martial Arts, trying to keep up with my artwork, working 35-45 hours a week (I had 2 jobs for a while last year.), working on my blog, writing my eBooks, and working on side hustles.

I thought that if I just paced myself, I could keep up with all of it.

Well turns out, it is impossible to do all of those things at once and not have a few emotional breakdowns.

I started to realize how worn I was, and how strung out I felt all the time. That led to me feeling like I didn’t have direction like I was failing at everything, and that I had no control in my life.

I needed something to help me break out of that rut, and these 7 tips really helped me recover.

7 Self Improvement tips for a simpler life

Keep it simple, improvement, self development

How can learning self improvement skills really change your life, AND help you to simplify your life? Creating good habits and really knowing yourself and how you handle things is a good step in the right direction. Here are 7 Self Improvement tips you can try right now, and start your path to a simpler life.

1. Realize that you are in charge of your own happiness

Our happiness belongs to us.

Putting our happiness in someone else’s hands is one of the biggest downfalls we can have when it comes to personal development. We can never be truly happy till we find that happiness withing ourselves.

Being happy is a decision.

We can choose to look on the brighter side of any situation, choose to be happy when we are alone, and finding happiness in who we are as individuals is very important. Knowing your worth is the first step to simplifying your life.

2. Clean and De-clutter your home and work environments

Clean and De-clutter, cleaning

I don’t know about you, but I can’t function unless my house is clean.

If I am cooking, the counters and stove have to be cleaned before and after. If I am writing, the area that I am writing in has to be neat and tidy.

Keeping a clean home and work environment gives you mental gratification, and can help you feel happier and more satisfied.

Having less stuff to organize and clean is a great way to start simplifying your life.

Does this mean you have to go full Marie Kondo and become a super minimalist?

Not necessarily. But implementing even a small amount of minimalism in your life can be a great start.

3. Schedule time for yourself

Just like you put important things you have to do on the calendar, you need to put “you time” on the calendar as well.

This makes it more final, like something that you cant skip.

This also lets anyone that you live with, whether it be your spouse, siblings, parents or room mate, know that you are taking time for you.

Also, if you use a planner it can be a good way to block out time for yourself. Just make sure this time is down time, something relaxing that you can look forward to.

Doing this will off-set the busy, and give you some much needed space to breathe.

4. Have a self care plan/routine that you can stick to

Self Care tips, self care for self improvement

Everyone seems to be talking about self care, and yes, there is a reason for that.

Taking care of YOU is important, especially if you are also taking care of others. We need a moment to ourselves during the day to just relax, recenter, and see what WE need.

Schedule a quite time for yourself at some point throughout your day. Make it a point to “check in” with yourself, and do a self evaluation.

How do you feel?

What do you need to recharge?

Is there something that you need to talk about?

Self Care is a necessity, not a luxury.

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5. Manage your finances

managing your finances

Managing your finances is something that you need in your self improvement plan. Having this one thing under control can take SO much stress and pressure off of you, and that is the goal.

A lot of our stress now days comes from one thing. Uncertainty.

Not knowing if you will have enough money is one of the worst feelings.

There are also a lot of us that struggle with keeping track of our finances, and that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety when things go wrong.

Start tracking your finances, and make sure to write down everything you pay for on a monthly basis. This will keep you from getting surprise attacks from forgotten subscriptions and other things. Another good thing to do is start cutting anything unnecessary until you get back on top of it financially.

6. Stop saying “YES” to everything

I cannot even begin to tell you how long and how often I struggled with this one.

My oldest child ideal and longing to make people happy often got in the way of me saying “no.”, and that was a pretty detrimental thing at times.

Taking on more than you can handle will eventually drive you to tears.

Know your limits, know when to say “No.”

Its better to tell someone, “Sorry, I can’t this time. I have too much going on.” than to have to back out last minute because you bit off more than you could chew. If the person asking you for help or a favor is truly a good friend or co-worker, they will understand not being able to help.

7. Stop indulging in negative self talk

self development, negative self talk

We all fall into the trap of negative self talk sometimes.

This stems from not feeling sufficient in some way, either in your abilities or in yourself.

Negative self talk is a horrible habit to have and can keep you from feeling happy and at your best. The things we tell ourselves can either be lies that bring us down and make us feel inferior, or the TRUTH, which is that we are capable, beautiful and full of possibilities.

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How we talk to ourselves is probably the most important thing we can do for our self-improvement and mental health.

Start telling yourself good things, and change around any self-deprecating thoughts you may have.

Instead of thinking, “I wish I was better at talking.” think to yourself, “I am proud of what a good listener I am. People appreciate my ability to listen well.”

Any negative thought can be turned around, and turned into a confident, encouraging one.

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