How to be better at practicing Self Care

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I love talking about practicing self care, and teaching you all why its so important. Self care means taking a much needed break. Reflecting on how you feel, what you need and what you can do to help yourself heal.

What is so important about practicing Self Care?

Self care is a necessity, not a luxury. It isn’t something we should feel like we have to earn, or that we don’t deserve. Taking care of your heart and mind is the best way to take care of others in your life. Only then can you really give them your all, instead of just what’s left.

I have learned that in order to take care of my family, I have to take care of ME as well. After I take care of myself, I have the energy to do the things that I need to do as a stay at home mom.

Practicing Self Care at home

A few times a week, I take a bath and listen to music or podcasts.

When I am home, I take care of cleaning our home, taking care of the cats, getting groceries and doing laundry, When the baby gets here, the list will be even longer.

I LOVE this kind of life, but I can’t do all of this if I am worn out and spent all the time.

Lets look at some ways that you can learn how to better practice your own self care, and keep yourself in the best mental and physical condition you can be.

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Put away distractions

Practicing Self Care means putting away things that are a distraction. When you are practicing self care, you definitely need to block out distractions.

Focus on you time. Not everyone else time.

If you have kids, ask your husband or spouse to watch the kiddos so that you can take a bath. You could also get a baby sitter for the night so that you can go out and get a cup of coffee and read your favorite book. Whatever you need to re-coupe!

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Practice scheduling self care time

We are more likely to stick to something that we write down on our calendar. Making self care part of your schedule and not just a “maybe, if I have time” thing will change its importance in your mind.

Make your self care time a part of your schedule.

Let others that you live with know when you need to have some self care time, and take some time for yourself.

Make a list of Self Care that works for you

What things do you LOVE about self care? If you create a list of your 10 favorite self care activities, when you do find some down time it will be easy to find something to do.

Create a small self care list that you can pick and choose from when its time to pamper yourself!

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Find an accountability partner

If you tell someone about your goals, its much easier to make yourself achieve them. If only you know about them, then there is no pressure.

Find a good accountability partner that will support you, and help you reach your goal of taking care of yourself!

This could be your spouse, your best friend, or even your siblings. Just make sure that they will be there to remind you to stick to your routine, and support you all the way.

Practicing self care, self care practice

Write down why its important to you

What about your self care routine is important to you?

Why do you need to do this for yourself?

Whatever your reason is, write it down. The act of writing something down makes it more meaningful, more concrete. Post it somewhere you will see that will remind you that you NEED your time to yourself, and that it is not selfish.

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