How To Be Less Stressed Out During The Holidays

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How to beat Christmas Stress, Holiday Stress

How to beat Holiday Stress this year

The holiday season can either be an amazing, magical time spent with loved ones or a crazy, hectic time of stress and chaos. Sometimes, it can be both. But no one wants to be stressed out during the holidays.

How can you reduce holiday stress, be present in the moment, and truly enjoy everything about the season?

Here are some tips for creating a happy, stress free holiday season!

7 Tips for reducing Holiday Stress, reduce holiday stress

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1. Do your shopping early

Merry Christmas, less stressed during the holidays

This is a must if you want to be less stressed out during the holidays.

Waiting in a 3 hour long line for two items is. the. worst.

I can’t imagine ever going Black Friday shopping again, and this year I actually started my Christmas and Holiday shopping in July.

Having the majority of your Holiday shopping done before the rush of after Thanksgiving sales and specials happens will save you a lot of stress and running around.

You want to enjoy the holiday season, right?

Get what you can early.

If you can budget and space gifts out far enough, you can still save money without having to be where the rest of the people are.

Plus, there are great sales online all year round!

2. Don’t binge on junk food

Christmas Baking

Holiday food is the best, but don’t get too crazy.

Sugar intake can lead to feeling depressed and stressed out. especially if that is all you’ve eaten in the last 5 hours.

Make sure that you are still getting your nutrients in!

You need the greens and protein all year long, and while the plate of sugar cookies and pumpkin pie looks amazing, make sure that you don;t over-do it.

Another thing you can do is make healthier holiday sweets!

3. Keep up with your exercise routine

Reduce Holiday stress, exercise

Exercising during the cold winter months is SO beneficial to your mood and over all happiness during winter.

Getting endorphins from exercise can make you feel more motivated, physically great, and keep your mood merry and bright!

It may seem hard to want to get moving when its cold, and putting on a warm sweater and bundling up with hot cocoa sounds much better.

Even a 30 minute exercise routine will keep up your mood, keep you less stressed out during the holidays, and make that down time afterwards so much more worth it.

4. Appreciate the little things

be less stressed this holiday season

Don’t take the little things for granted.

Try to make note of the little things that make you smile!

Things like your niece of nephew helping you make cookies.

Or, getting to wrap your spouses Christmas gift.

It could be shopping with your best friends, or even just snowflakes gently falling to the ground.

Life is made up of moments, be sure to notice them.

How to beat Christmas Stress, How to be less stressed out during the holidays

5. Maintain a holiday self care routine

Switching up your self care routine for winter can be really fun!

Instead of just continuing what you usually do, (taking a bath, giving yourself a facial, having quiet reading time to yourself, etc…) add in some seasonal flare.

Light seasonal scented candles, and make a night of staying in and making your favorite Christmas cookies with a loved one…

Find things to implement that you love, that remind you that its the most wonderful time of the year.

6. Beat Holiday Stress by spending less money

Just because its the Holiday Season doesn’t mean you need to go bankrupt.

Ashton and I always decide on our gift budget for each other, and last year we implemented the 4 gift rule.

Stress free holiday season, how to have a stress free Christmas

This is actually a really fun thing to do!

The rules are, you each get each other 4 gifts (not including stocking stuffers): Something they want, Something they need, Something to wear, and Something to read.

This plan works really well for families with kids too, because everyone gets a fair amount without you needing to spend a ton.

Spending less money is a great way to be less stressed out during the holidays.

Hand made decorations, Pine Cones

You can also make a lot of decorations yourself!

Just go on a walk in the park and find some pine cones.

Then you can spritz them with Cinnamon essential oil, and you have a great mantle piece that smells amazing.

There ya’ go.

7. Don’t let other peoples expectations ruin your Holiday

less stressed, merry christmas

The holiday season is about togetherness, but being bullied into feeling responsible for other peoples happiness is a totally different story.

You are not in charge of making sure that everyone’s holiday is perfect.

All you need to do, is your best.

Do your best to enjoy every snowflake, every coffee/shopping trip, every day spent at home baking and drinking cocoa with your loved ones.

That is what you are in charge of.

Give the gift of togetherness, your home, your generosity and loving smile. THAT is how you can help others to have a happy holiday season.

“Holidays are about experiences and people, and tuning into what you feel like doing at that moment. Enjoy not having to look at a watch.” -Evelyn Glennie

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