How to use Hygge and actually enjoy Winter

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How to use Hygge, Winter Self Care

Winter is a hard time for a lot of people. If you haven’t heard the term “Hygge” before, it is a self care practice and Danish word referring to the feeling of well being and comfort. Today, I will show you how to use Hygge, and actually enjoy winter.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a feeling, a state of mental coziness or contentment achieved through simplicity.

It is an experience rather than something achieved or worked for.

For the Danish people, Hygge is part of their culture. It has just recently become a popular subject in the United States, and is now considered a trending form of Self Care.

How to Use Hygge this Winter

How to use Hygge

Implementing Hygge into your home can be easy!

What counts as Hygge? Anything cozy.

Sweatpants, candles, hot cocoa…

The things that make you feel contented and comforted, like curling up with a blanket and cocoa (or coffee!) to watch the snow fall.

Or, sitting and reading with a loved one or pet.

A hot meal shared in good company and lots of hot cider to follow.

It’s a feeling of home, and that everything is right with the world.

Ways to add Hygge to your home

Hygge, Winter Self Care, How to use Hygge

Candles: Candles are the perfect Hygge item to have in your home. There is just something about the warmth of the candle, and the scent that makes a room feel 100x cozier.

If you are in need of a good holiday candle, without any toxins, I have some great handmade candles in our shop page.

Blankets: Get yourself snug with a big ol’ comfy blanket!

We love our fuzzy blankets from Costco, and our big comforter that we can drag out into the living room and snuggle under.

Find a blanket that always makes you feel comforted and keep it in your Hygge corner.

Cocoa mix: Who doesn’t love sipping some hot cocoa when it gets cold out?

One of my favorite kinds of cocoa (that is also SUPER good for you) is Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Cacao with Reishi.

And, use Coupon Code: ENDEAVOR to get 10% off your order!

This “cocoa” mix will chill your nerves and keep you calm, and you can even mix it into your coffee to make it a mocha!

Hygge, Hot drink, warm winter, self care

Warm foods & drink: Hot food and drinks are perfect for Hygge because they make you feel warm inside.

What better way to find comfort this season?

Make your favorite chicken pot pie recipe, or hot cider and let the warmth take over.

A Good Book: Have a good book you’ve been meaning to read or get back to?

This is a good time to do it.

Curl up under that blanket we talked about earlier, and read to your hearts content.

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What to avoid (NOT Hygge)

Phone, screen time, not hygge

Things that isolate you rather than comfort you, and this definitely includes:

Being on your PHONE.

Lets be honest, looking at your phone all day causes your eyes to hurt, a feeling of exclusion (either yourself or others) and you lose so much time.

This is a habit you need to ditch, especially during the winter months when seasonal depression is already high.

Over-spending on things that do not add to your life.

Excess Christmas shopping, expensive clothes, new trendy items that you don’t really need. All of these things cost money and time, and stress.

Filling your time with family time, cooking, and just enjoying the warmth of home is a much better way to spend your winter.

Trapping yourself indoors is another no-no.

This is something that can seem like an easy excuse, but don’t trap yourself inside all winter.

It may be cold, but go out and build a snow man!

Or do some of your light Holiday shopping, or go see a friend for coffee.

Getting out of the house even just for a little while will help clear your mind, and allow you to really relax when you are home.

How to Live Hygge this Winter
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