How to use Hygge in the Summer

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Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is the Danish art of cozy living, is often associated with snuggling up by the fireplace during the winter months. However, this concept of finding joy in life’s simple pleasures can be just as relevant and intentional in the summer. As the sun shines bright and the days stretch longer, there are so many opportunities to embrace hygge in the summer months. From outdoor gatherings to mindfulness practices, here are 20 ways to infuse warmth and coziness into your summer.

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Create Outdoor Retreats

Summer provides the absolutes best backdrop for creating cozy outdoor spaces. Set up a comfortable seating area on your patio or balcony with plush cushions and soft blankets. Add some twinkling string lights or lanterns to create a warm ambiance, and surround yourself with potted plants or hanging baskets to bring nature closer. Whatever feels good to you!

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Host Al Fresco Dinners

Take advantage of the warm weather by hosting al fresco dinners with friends and family. Make it as fancy as you’d like! Set a beautiful table with rustic tableware and fresh flowers, and serve up seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. Light some candles or lanterns as the sun sets to create a magical atmosphere that encourages connection.

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Enjoy Slow Mornings

Resist the urge to jump out of bed and rush through your mornings. Instead, embrace the leisurely pace of summer by savoring a slow breakfast outdoors or lounging in bed with a good book. Take the time to really appreciate the beauty of the early morning sunlight and let it set the tone for a relaxed day ahead. I also love doing my morning workouts by changing up my routine and getting some movement outdoors.

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Indulge in Summer Scents

Fill your home with the delightful scents of summer to create a cozy atmosphere. Light candles or use essential oil diffusers with fragrances like fresh citrus, blooming flowers, or aromatic herbs. If you have pets – be sure to check that the scents aren’t toxic though before using!

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Practice Mindful Outdoor Activities

Spend time outdoors engaging in activities that promote mindfulness and connection with nature. Go for a leisurely hike through the woods, practice yoga in the park, or simply sit quietly and observe the beauty of your surroundings. Being present in nature is a powerful way to cultivate a sense of hygge in the summer months. You can even do something as simple as grounding in nature which is just putting your bare feet on the earth and being present.

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Host Intimate Gatherings

Instead of big, bustling parties, opt for intimate gatherings with close friends and family. Keep things super simple with a potluck-style picnic or barbecue, and focus on creating a cozy atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and relaxed. Encourageconnection by providing comfortable seating and plenty of blankets for snuggling up under the stars.

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Embrace Summer Rituals

Create meaningful rituals that celebrate the joys of summer and bring a sense of hygge into your daily life. Whether it’s enjoying a weekly ice cream date with your loved ones, watching the sunset from your favorite spot, or taking evening walks around the neighborhood, find simple activities that nourish your soul and make you feel connected to the season. Switch it up and listen to your intuition.

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DIY Summer Crafts

Get creative with DIY projects that add a touch of hygge to your summer decor. Make your own macrame plant hangers to display lush greenery indoors, or create a cozy outdoor seating area with handmade throw pillows and blankets. Not only will these projects enhance the cozy vibes of your space, but they’ll also give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Making things will give you such a better dopamine rush than just browsing endlessly on your phone.

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Hygge Picnics in the Park

Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and head to the nearest park for a hygge-inspired outdoor feast. Spread out a blanket under the shade of a tree, sip on refreshing drinks (like these easy cortisol/stress reducing easy to make drinks), and indulge in delicious treats while soaking up the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to bring along some games or books to enjoy after your meal!

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Hydrate with Herbal Infusions

Stay cool and hydrated during the summer months with refreshing herbal infusions. Brew up batches of iced herbal teas using ingredients like mint, lavender, or chamomile, and keep them chilled in the fridge for a refreshing pick-me-up on hot days. Not only are herbal infusions delicious and hydrating, but they also offer a soothing and comforting experience.

Create a Summer Reading Nook

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Carve out a cozy corner in your home where you can escape with a good book and unwind on lazy summer afternoons. Sometimes it really gets a little too hot outside! Arrange a comfy armchair or chaise lounge near a sunny window, and surround yourself with plush cushions and throws for added comfort. Stock your reading nook with a selection of your favorite books and magazines.

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Hygge-Friendly Gardening

Connect with nature and cultivate a sense of hygge by spending time in your garden. This is one of my own personal favorites. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small balcony, gardening can be a therapeutic and rewarding activity that brings joy and tranquility to your life. I love planting herbs, snap peas, and kale in the spring so they’re ready for harvest in the summer.

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Summer Movie Nights

Host cozy movie nights at home or in your backyard with friends and family. Set up a projector and screen outdoors, or create a cozy indoor movie theater with blankets and pillows. Choose feel-good films or classic favorites that evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, and don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!

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Hygge-Friendly Workspaces

Transform your home office or workspace into a cozy haven where you can feel productive and inspired. Add soft lighting with table lamps or string lights, and incorporate natural elements like potted plants or a small indoor fountain to create a calming environment. Personalize your space with photos, artwork, and meaningful decor that brings you joy and motivates you to work with purpose.

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Hygge Camping Trips

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a hygge-inspired camping trip in the great outdoors. Pitch a tent in a scenic location, roast marshmallows over a crackling campfire, and fall asleep under the stars wrapped in cozy sleeping bags. Embrace the simplicity of camping and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying quality time with loved ones. I personally love alternating between forest camping trips to lakeside, to ocean. That way you connect with a different part of nature.

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DIY Summer Cocktails

Get creative in the kitchen and whip up refreshing summer cocktails that are perfect for sipping on lazy afternoons or evenings spent with friends. Experiment with fresh fruits, herbs to create delicious and Instagram-worthy drinks that capture the essence of summer.

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Hygge-Friendly Bath Rituals

Treat yourself to luxurious bath rituals that soothe the body and soul after a long day in the sun. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom with candles, soft music, and plush towels, and indulge in a relaxing soak with bath salts or essential oils. Here’s how to make some really amazing DIY Bath Salts!

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Final Thoughts

Hygge is a mindset and intentionality that can be tipped into. By living more closely to nature and the rhythms of slowness, you can enjoy what every season has to offer. We hope you found this article useful. Tell us below which ideas resonated with you most.

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