Muscle recovery: XTEND BCAA’s Watermelon Lemonade

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Watermelon Lemonade

This week we had some really good workouts at Karate, and while I was making our recovery formula I was thinking,

“Why don’t I share this with my readers?”

So today, I have for you our favorite drink for muscle recovery and endurance. It is PACKED with BCAA’s, is sugar free, and the best part is it can be taken before, during or after your workout.

BCAA Watermelon Lemonade

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How to make Muscle recovery Watermelon Lemonade:

This recipe is very easy, because it has 2 ingredients!

We use the brand Xtend BCAA’s, in the watermelon flavor. The second ingredient is lemon juice.

Xtend Bcaa's muscle recovery

The recovery powder is sweet enough that I don’t use any extra sugar when I make it. It is strong enough that I don’t usually use a full serving unless the workout was really, REALLY hard.

The amount of lemon you will want to use is really just about taste.

The glass shown in the picture above holds roughly 20oz of liquid, and I like quite a lot of lemon juice.

Lemonade Lemon Juice

The second picture show’s the Xtend BCAA’s watermelon formula, and a serving is one full scoop. Though I just is 2/3 to 1/2 a scoop. It is still good if you use a whole scoop, its just super potent!

Xtend Bcaa's, muscle recovery, Watermelon Lemonade

This recipe is really good for an post workout drink to help your muscles recover. If you check out the link here you can read about or buy the Xtend BCAA’s powder from Amazon, which is going to be cheaper than a lot of places.

I had bought the watermelon flavor from Vitamin Shoppe before and it goes for about $27 before tax, whereas Amazon has it for about $22.

They also have a variety of flavors, which I have not tried yet, but will be doing very soon, (our watermelon is almost gone…) and the next one I’m going to try is the Blueberry Lemonade flavor which just sounds fantastic!

Another thing I am interested in with the Blueberry flavor is that it is a different series of recovery formula by the same company.

So I already know that I like their company, that their products are of high quality, and this new formula is designed to help with the increase of muscle as well as help the recovery, so i’ll keep you guys updated on that after I try it out.

So what are BCAA’s, and why should I use them?

For the longest time, I never used a recovery formula, or protein powder, and that was a mistake. I was in high school back then, but it was still a mistake with how active ive always been.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

BCAA’s or Branch Chain Amino Acids are also called essential amino acids. They are essential because your body does not make them, so you need to get them elsewhere.

Your body uses these essential amino acids to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and to reduce soreness after a workout.

Using branched-chain amino acids before exercise can also help you get a better, more intense workout.

It may be possible to use BCAA’s to not only help improve your workout, and help your recovery, but also aid in healthy weight-loss.

“In addition to making your workouts more efficient, some studies have found that the BCAA leucine, specifically, may help you feel more full by improving sensitivity to the hunger hormone leptin, explains Smith.

Other research indicates that leucine could help promote fat burning and balance your blood sugar levels. And that’s important because imbalanced blood sugar levels can lead to weight gain, Smith says.” -quoted from an article from Womens Health Magazine

In another article from Muscle Zone, you can read about all the great benefits of using BCAA’s with your workouts. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • Decreased Muscle Soreness
  • Reducing Muscle Fatigue

Click here to read more.

I highly recommend taking a supplement with BCAA’s if you are an active person looking to keep from injury, or if you are looking for a good way to increase muscle health and ease soreness after a workout.

This is something that we implement ourselves, we would never recommend anything to you guys that we have not tried personally and seen good, positive results from.

Have a favorite workout or recovery formula? Share it with us in the comments! I love hearing from you guys.

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