6 Reasons you are not meeting your health goals

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It’s about that time of the year when New Years resolutions have fallen by the way-side, and we start to wonder when we lost track of our goals.

I was doing so good, what happened?

Or it could be that you have been SUPER diligent, and for some reason you are still not getting the kind of results you want.

Either way, it is frustrating.

Change is hard, and making semi-permanent goals and reaching them is always an up-hill challenge.

So what are we doing that is keeping us from reaching those goals?

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Your exercises are not meeting your needs.

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Everyone is different, and not every exercise works for certain people. While your brother may get AMAZING results from power lifting or running, you may not see the same results back. EVEN if you train the exact same way.

This is all dependent on your body type, physical abilities and your metabolism.

I get fantastic results from high intensity workouts paired with yoga, but it took me a LONG time to figure out how my body wanted to be trained.

Talk to your personal trainer, and do some research.

And don’t forget to try new things! You never know what is going to work best for you.

You are dehydrated.

This will set you back no matter where you are in your goals.

How often do we reach for coffee, wine, or sports drinks instead of drinking water? Not getting enough clean water can be detrimental on our minds and bodies.

Dehydration keeps your brain from working the way it is supposed to.

It can cause you to over-eat, feel fatigued or brain-foggy.

It can also effect your mood, making you more irritable and sensitive. This can set back your goals, making you not want to work out or to eat things that you otherwise might not grab for.

You aren’t making a solid plan.

Not writing down your goals is like wishing to be healthier while eating potato chips.

If you don’t track your progress, see how far you’ve come, or know where you need to go, you are likely NOT going to reach your goals.

You need to have a solid plan for how you are going to get where you are going, and how you will get to the finish line.

People who run marathons know where the finish line is, and they know what they need to do to get there.

They have a plan, they train, and they reach the finish line.

Train like you mean it, and keep track of how far you’ve come.

You are not sleeping.

Sleep is incredibly important to your over-all health.

Without proper sleep, your body starts to feel like it falling apart.

If I don’t get enough sleep during the night, the next day I always feel de-motivated and groggy.

When sleep is all you want to do, it makes it near impossible to reach your goals and keep your good habits.

Try tracking your sleep, or if you know that you have a sleeping disorder you can talk to your Doctor about steps you can make towards fixing it.

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Your stress levels are out of control

Keeping healthy stress levels is the difference between a calm mind, and feeling anxious all the time.

Stress can wreak havoc on your heart and mind, and there are a lot of negative effects to being stressed out all the time.

We have a great article that goes over some bad habits we all have that keep us stressed, and how to change them. Check it out below!

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You keep saying “Tomorrow”…

This is probably the biggest hindrance to meeting your goals. Tomorrow will always come. There will always be another tomorrow. Another opportunity to reach your goals.

But that makes it too easy to put off starting.

  • I can work out tomorrow, its just one rest day.
  • I’ll write 2 pages tomorrow instead of writing today.
  • I can go to my class tomorrow instead of tonight.

These thought patterns lead to never reaching our goals. The only way we can fix this is if we diligently seek out our goals, and keep after them on the daily.

Best of luck to you on your journey, wherever you are!

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