How to beat boredom when your’e stuck at home

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How to beat boredom when your'e stuck at home

How to Beat Boredom when your’e stuck at home

Stuck inside and going a little stir crazy?

Being home all the time kind of comes second nature, being a stay at home mom and a professional blogger. But still… being inside and stuck at home can even make me a little antsy.

Since I have been sending SO MUCH time at home this month, I have gotten creative, and came up with a list of fun things that we do when we spend the day (or week) at home or indoors.

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Playing games together has always been a staple in my home, whether growing up, or with my husband and son.

Playing games together builds strong bonds, makes you think, and gets everyone in the same room together.

This can be board games like Chess, Clue, Monopoly, LIFE or any other games you like, OR video games.

There are actually a lot of video games that you can play together! One of our favorites is Nintendo Super Smash Brothers.

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I love reading.

Reading is such a soothing activity, and can be a good family activity too.

We always read the Bible together growing up, and Ashton and I will read the Bible or other books together at night before bed.

You can find all kinds of books to read, from comic books to fiction, to how-to books, there are SO many options, and literally something for everyone.

Reading can be a great replacement for TV time, and makes your brain work more than looking at the TV does.

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Take a Walk

Get outside in the fresh air!

Going on a walk is SO good for you. The fresh air and exercise will make the down time at home more enjoyable, and takes your mind off of things.

If you live close to a park, you can go enjoy some time in nature or on the playground. Getting out of the house for even a short time is so important.


Working out at home is underrated, and something I enjoy it so much.

You don’t need a gym to work out.

There are so many great workouts on YouTube for free, or subscription services like Beachbody on Demand that have a ton of fun exercise programs.

Your body needs exercise, and working out will boost endorphins, and shorter 30 minute workouts can help manage cortisol (stress) levels in the body.

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Phone Call or Video Chat

We have family that lives on the other side of the country from us, so every week we make sure to call them so we don’t lose touch.

Even if you are just stuck at home temporarily, calling your friends and loved ones over the phone or video chatting can be a great way to beat boredom and stay connected.

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What better way to keep yourself occupied than to clean your home?

Cleaning makes you feel more accomplished, and helps you to think better because of the more organized and clean environment.

It also boosts dopamine levels just like checking boxes off on a list, or buying something new.

Cleaning and having a clean home is good for your mental health, as well as your physical health.

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Make something

Creating things is a fun, productive way to keep your mind occupied and beat boredom.

At The Art Assignment, you can choose from lots of different ideas to make a project from. Each project contains a video telling about the project, and then you use whatever creative means you need to do the project yourself.

In college, we used ideas from this website to inspire art projects and keep us motivated!

Staying busy and doing things that are fun will be the best way to beat boredom, and keep your mind positive.

Want something fun and edifying to do for 30 Days?

Mental Health is not comprised of one thing, but multiple working together.

If your physical health is lacking, your emotional health may be hurting as well. If your emotional health is hurting, your mental health will be too.

It’s a cycle, and the best way to have total peace is for all three of these to be working together in harmony.

In my eBook 30 Days to Inner Peace, I give you one week to study each of these concepts in your own life, and then in week four, teach you how to connect them all for your best overall health and well being.

This 30 day eBook will help you to gain that inner peace that you might be searching for right now.

It is also something you can print, and take with you in a folder or binder.

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