Self Care checklist for a night at home

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Self Care ideas for a night at home

Spending the night in can be very fun and relaxing! And having the right supplies for a self care night can help you relax, calm your mind, and reset for the week. This self care checklist can help you choose the right items for whatever kind of self care night you are looking to have.

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Self Care bath checklist:

Taking a relaxing bath can be a great way to treat yourself after a long week. There are some things you can get to pamper yourself and make your evening bath extra relaxing!

1. Epsom Salts

2. Candles

3. Essential oils

4. Organic Bath Bombs

5. Wine or favorite drink of choice (doesn’t need to contain alcohol)

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Self Care Spa kit checklist:

You can make your own spa day at home, and be just as relaxed as going to a spa.

Pampering your mind and body can be a great self care tool, and while it doesn’t need to be a weekly thing, you can add this in whenever you feel like you need a boost.

Here are some of the things you’ll want to have handy to make it feel like a true day at the spa.

1. Nail file & clippers

2. Nail Polish & remover

3. Facial mask

4. Cucumbers for your eyes

5. Comfy Robe

6. Relaxing ambient music

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Self Care movie night:

Having a movie night to yourself is actually pretty fun, and you can do this alone or invite someone to join you for this self care activity!

1. Favorite movie

2. Favorite healthy snack: Dark chocolate, yogurt covered pretzels, organic popcorn, trail mix, etc.

3. Comfy Pajamas!

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Self Care for alone time:

This is my favorite part of any self care routine.

Taking time to be by yourself is so healing, and can help you recharge your mind and spirit.

Grab any or all of these items, and take as long as you need to yourself.

1. Favorite book

2. Comfy blankets & pajamas

3. Headphones and soothing music

4. Incense or essential oil diffuser

5. Yoga mat

6. Journal and pens

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