Boost your immune system with Adaptogen Coffee

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The best part of your morning routine

What if I told you that your morning coffee could help you think clearer, AND boost your immune system?

Drinking any old cup of coffee won’t do it, but recently I have found a replacement for my usual go-to brand.

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Drinking this coffee daily has improved my alertness, makes me feel better during the day, and I feel good about purchasing it knowing that it is keeping my immune system working efficiently every day.

The secret? Adaptogens.

Morning Routine adaptogen coffee

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plant roots, or mushrooms, that help protect your body from stress.

Like their name, adaptogens help your body to adapt. They do this by adapting their functions to improve problems that may be occurring in the body.

Adaptogens can help to regulate the release of stress hormones, improve your immune function, stimulate mental function, increase stamina, and even improve organ function in the body.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom “Think” coffee

This is it, the coffee that changes your whole morning.

Don’t be scared off by the word mushroom.

You cannot taste them at all, and the flavor of this coffee is great! I use organic sugar, a dash of almond milk, and heavy whipping cream in mine every morning, and it is very good.

Four Sigmatic mushroom think coffee

There are two main adaptogenic mushrooms in this coffee that make it so amazing. They are Lion’s Mane and Chaga.

Lion’s Mane for Cognitive Function

Lion’s Mane gets its name from its fluffy, lush exterior.

This mushroom will help you think clearer and have a better overall cognitive function.

Studies show that taking Lion’s Mane on a daily basis can over time improve Alzheimer-related damage, and protect the brain, while improving nerve growth. It has also had great effects on those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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Chaga for Immunity

This mushroom grows in cold climates (like Russia, Siberia, Scandinavia, Canada, and even some parts of the United States) on birch trees, and are black in color.

Adaptogen coffee to boost mental health and immunity

Chaga is a native Scandinavian mushroom that is full of antioxidants and is great for boosting your immune system. Taking Chaga every day is a good way to keep your immune health up, and can be taken in coffee or tea for easy sipping!

In World War II, people in Finland used Chaga tea as a coffee substitute when coffee rations were very low. I have tried Four Sigmatic’s coffee with Chaga, and you can’t taste the herbs at all! And the flavor is amazing.

Why I love Four Sigmatic

I learned about Four Sigmatic while working in the Vitamin Dept. at my Sprouts Farmers Market.

I was already taking a mushroom supplement for my hormones when I noticed the Four Sigmatic brand on our shelves.

Mushroom coffee, adaptogens

Four Sigmatic makes a variety of amazing adaptogen-based products, from protein powder to hot chocolate mix! All of which help your body function properly, and efficiently.

Their mushroom and adaptogen coffee is made to help you feel your best while sticking to your morning routine. I have replaced my morning cup of dark roast with their Mushroom “Think” coffee, and both my husband and I LOVE it.

I feel so much more awake than with regular coffee, but with absolutely no jitters.

This coffee has me feeling mentally sharp, which has been a real struggle for me being 6 months post-partum.

We are definitely going to keep using this coffee, and I cannot see myself turning back to regular caffeine after using this brand.

Check out Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom coffee and Adaptogen Coffee on their website, and use coupon code: ENDEAVOR for 10% off your purchase today!

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