5 Benefits of Chaga & why to take it daily

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5 amazing benefits of Chaga Mushroom, adaptogens

What is Chaga?

Chaga is a mushroom that grows in cold climates (like Russia, Siberia, Scandinavia, Canada, and even some parts of the United States) on birch trees, and are black in color. The benefits of Chaga mushroom are truly amazing, and we are going to go over the top 5 today!

This mushroom is full of antioxidants, and is great for boosting your immune system. The benefits of taking Chaga every range from boosting your immunity, to reducing stress.

Chaga also does many more great things to support your overall health and wellness.

It can also be taken in coffee or tea for easy sipping!

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An Adaptogentic Mushroom

Chaga is an adaptogenic mushroom. This means that it helps the body adapt and repair from stress, and stress induced problems.

Adaptogen’s can help to regulate the release of stress hormones, improve your immune function, stimulate mental function, increase stamina, and even improve organ function in the body.

Chaga Boosts the Immune System

Benefits of Chaga, immune boost

You should be doing things to keep your immunity up, even when you feel good, and when it isn’t cold & flu season.

Chaga is packed with antioxidants, and is amazing for boosting your immune system, and can help ward off dangerous bacteria & viruses.

There are studies that show Chaga can help fight off viruses like Hepatitis C and even human Influenza, both type A and B.

Taking it every day is a good way to keep from getting sick, or recovering if you already are.

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Fights Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is meant as a defense mechanism, but chronic inflammation can lead to a myriad of health problems if not treated.

Chaga can help to reduce unnecessary inflammation, and taking it on a daily basis can help lower your chances of getting chronic inflammation caused disease.

Anti-Cancer Properties

There are a lot of natural ways to slow and prevent the growth of Cancer cells.

In a few different animal studies, Chaga was shown to reduce cancerous tumor size by up to 60%. That is an amazing change in size!

Chaga was also shown to prevent the growth of cancer cells in human lung, liver, breast, colon and prostate cells.

This isn’t to say that Chaga is a “cure” for Cancer, but there is some good research that claims that Chaga can help, especially because of its high level of antioxidants.

why you should take Chaga everyday

Lower Blood Pressure

Adaptogen’s help your body to recover from stress induced injury, and protect your body by adapting to what you need from them.

One of the benefits of Chaga is that it’s an adaptogen that can actually help lower your blood pressure if it’s too high.

I have felt the effects first hand.

After giving birth to our son, my blood pressure skyrocketed.

Months of naturally fixing my blood pressure later, I had still been feeling a little off. Then, I purchased Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom coffee with Chaga, and I swear I have never felt better since having our boy.

My blood pressure has FINALLY started to feel back to completely normal.

This is because high blood pressure can be caused by something called Oxidative stress.

Chaga is one of the Adaptogen’s that can help reduce this kind of stress, resulting in bringing blood pressure levels back to normal.

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Chaga can help with Endurance

There are some studies that show that Chaga can help increase your strength & endurance with exercise. In an animal study, mice that were given Chaga prior to exercise were able to swim for longer periods.

Because of its Adaptogenic properties, Chaga is great for promoting physical endurance and reducing stress induced fatigue.

The polysaccharides in the Chaga mushroom can possibly help improve endurance and give you more energy.

Tastes like Coffee

During World War II, they ran low on coffee rations in Finland. The Finish people started using Chaga tea as a substitute for coffee, and it actually tastes very similar!

Four Sigmatic sells a variety of products featuring Chaga, including their amazing morning coffee!

“Think” Lion’s Mane with Chaga Mushroom Coffee helps you to think clearly, while helping to boost your immune system.

I have tried Four Sigmatic’s coffee with Chaga, and you can’t taste the herbs at all! And the flavor is amazing.

And the best part?

I feel so much more awake than with regular coffee, but with absolutely no jitters.

This coffee has me feeling mentally sharp, which has been a real struggle for me being 6 months post-partum.

We are definitely going to keep using this coffee, and I cannot see myself turning back to regular caffeine after using this brand.

Check out Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom coffee and Adaptogen Coffee on their website, and use coupon code: ENDEAVOR for 10% off your purchase today!

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