10 Healthy Self Care Stocking Stuffer ideas

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Christmas time is just around the corner…

Stocking stuffers have always been a fun part of Christmas for my family. As a new mom, I have realized JUST how necessary self care is. Whether you are coming up with ideas for your list, or shopping for someone else, these 10 Self Care stocking stuffer ideas are sure to be a hit.

Fun self care stocking stuffer ideas

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Dark Chocolate

My all time favorite dark chocolate bar is the Chocolove Salted Almond Butter bar.

You can find this brand at at any place that sells health food. I have found them at Sprouts Farmers Market, Hy-vee, and Cost Plus World Market.

These bars are non-GMO, and high quality chocolate!

They come in a variety of flavors, ranging from Raspberry to Coffee to Grapefruit flavors.

And who doesn’t want chocolate in their Christmas stocking?

Hot Cacao Mix

Self Care and Chill with this Hot Chocolate inspired drink!

This Reishi Hot Cacao will help to calm your mind and relax.

AND get 10% off your nightly routine treat with my coupon code: ENDEAVOR


Drinking tea is not only good for you, but a great way to relax.

This Honey Lavender tea by Yogi is great for calming the mind and helping you to relax!

Facial Masks

These affordable, stress rehab facial masks by Pacifica are one of my favorite self-care night treats!

These masks aren’t the sticky mud kind, but the kind that you lay on your face. This way, there is no clean-up!

And you feel completely refreshed and clean afterward.

Facial Roller

Facial rollers help relieve puffiness and lymphatic fluid retention. These rollers are also great for promoting blood circulation!

Jade facial rollers are a nice tool to add to your facial care routine, as well as make a perfect self-care stocking stuffer.

Bubble Bath

Honest Co. makes so many great products, but what sounds more like a great self-care night than a bubble bath?

Image courtesy of Honest Co.

This bubble bath cleanses your skin without ever over-drying!

It is also suitable for any age, so while you can enjoy a nice relaxing bubble bath for a self care night, your baby could also use it for their bath time.

Honest Co. products are always free of any harsh chemicals, making them one of my favorite brands to support.

Bath Bombs

These calming lavender bath bombs are just what you need to relax.

The Soul Spring CBD Serenity bath bomb not only smells wonderful, but lasts a lot longer than normal bath bombs.

I actually got a few uses out of it, and it didn’t dry out or lose its scent!

CBD won’t get you high, but helps the body to relax and melt away tension.

I found this one at Sprouts Farmers Market, but you can also buy them online here.

You can also find CBD Bath bombs on Amazon! This set of six (pictured above) is very affordable for CBD, and makes a great stocking stuffer gift.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk is one of my favorite warm, sweet drinks during winter.

This powdered Ayurvedic drink is typically made with Turmeric, black pepper, and coconut milk, and is taken as a supplement to help boost immunity and relieve stress.

Ora Organics has crafted this delicious Golden Milk drink called Good as Gold, and it really is.

Good as Gold is made with Turmeric, coconut, and Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that is helpful for lowering stress levels.

It comes in a 30 serving container, one whole months worth of delicious drinks!

This warm drink is the perfect addition to any self-care gift bag or basket, and the tub is small enough to fit in a large Christmas stocking, making it a great stocking stuffer.

Ora Organics has a great selection of products on their website that would be perfect self-care gifts, some of my favorites are the You’re a Knockout magnesium product for stress and sleep, and the Aloe Gorgeous collagen powder.

Zum Holiday Soap

One of my favorite Holiday staples is the Zum Holiday soap collection!

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

I have gotten these every year since my days working in my local Health Market, where I was first introduced to the Zum company.

They are a local Kansas City brand that makes all their soap with goat milk, which leaves your skin moisturized and soft.

And their holiday scents will have you feeling festive all winter long!

They also have a bigger collection, Zum gift box on Amazon!


Candles are a great stocking stuffer!

Zum is one of my all-time favorite companies for just about anything scented, and their candles are no exception.

Their “Zum GLow” Frankincense and Myrrh candles are not only adorable but healthy for you to breathe in.

You can find them on the Zum Indigo Wild website, or on Amazon!

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