5 ways to relax and enjoy Christmas more this year

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Every year, I try to prepare myself for enjoying the holiday season in all its fullness. But this year, I think we all need an a little reminder of HOW to enjoy the season. Check out my 5 tips to help you enjoy Christmas more this year.

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Spend screen-free time with family

This is a time to really spend time with your family and friends.

Play board games, drink cocoa, tell stories, cuddle up around a fire place….

BE present.

This is the best gift you could give your family.

Simply getting off your phone, and being there with them.

This will help you to actually remember the holiday, the time spent, and enjoy Christmas more.

Remember your traditions

What has your family always done for the holidays?

Whether its caroling, baking, or reading Luke chapter 2 together on Christmas eve (One of our traditions!), practice them more intentionally this year.

Setting fun traditions with your family can be a way to stay connected with your roots, and connect better with your kids as well.

Go the extra mile with decorating

Even if you’re not big on celebrations or holidays, decorating for the season can bring lots of joy.

Just adding some candles, festive colors (blue and silver can count as festive too!), and some sweet reminders in the form of written words can make the season feel warmer!

This is a great way to enjoy Christmas more this year.

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Embrace Hygge in all its goodness

Christmas Hygge, enjoy the season more


Hygge is everything snug, everything cozy, and everything warm.

Think of all the things that just make you feel content with life.

That is Hygge.

This time of year, it can be hard to feel joyous, (especially if you typically deal with SAD.) but try finding things that just make you feel warm inside!

A nice mug of cocoa, warm socks, and good time spent with friends are all great ways to use Hygge this year.

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Give a little bit more of your heart

Christmas soup kitchen

Go the extra mile with your words, your heart and your service this season.

Words of affirmation can go a long way, and maybe your loved ones are needing some extra words and thoughts of kindness.

Volunteering your time at church, a food pantry or soup kitchen can be a great way to serve others and bring joy to someone else.

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