4 LifeSeasons Supplements to Quickly Boost Immunity

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4 Supplements to Quickly boost your immunity

The Best Supplements to Quickly Boost Immunity

Taking preventative measures is always the best way to keep from getting sick. And not just during cold and flu season, but all year long. Taking supplements to quickly boost immunity, and then keep your immune system working efficiently is a must these days.

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I was able to try the LifeSeasons new Clinical Immunity line shorty before it came out in January, and it has been such a great addition to my supplement routine!

This set of supplements (that you can buy separately) is geared toward quickly and efficiently boosting your immunity, and keeping it elevated in a safe way.

LifeSeasons Clinical Immunity

Clinical Immunity Boosting Supplements by LifeSeasons

LifeSeasons is my favorite brand when it comes to supplements. I love the B/P Stabili-T, Anxie-T, and Digestivi-T products especially!

In January 2021, LifeSeasons came out with this new line called Clinical Immunity.

These four supplements are meant to Quick Start your immune system, and then get it working harder and more efficiently to keep you healthy and well with a Daily Boost of vitamins.

The Elderberry Gummies and Drink give you a little extra immune boost on top of the two other supplements, and taste so good! My husband and I both love the Elderberry gummies.

Here’s a little more about each product, and how they each work to quickly boost immunity.

Quick Start

The Clinical Immunity Quick Start is the first of these supplements that you will want to take.

Quick-Start is a 10 day intensive supplement that starts working in just 2 hours!

It is made with 1000 mg’s of Pureway-C, a high absorption vitamin c that is retained up to 233% better than normal Vitamin C in the body.

This pre-biotic, pro-biotic, herbal, vitamin blend is made from supplements to quickly boost immunity, and get your body ready for the daily boost product.

Daily Boost

After you finish your 10-day round of Quick-Start, you are ready to take Daily Boost. This supplement is great at keeping your immune system on alert and working more efficiently 24/7.

Daily Boost is made with 500 mg’s of Pureway-C, elderberry, pre and probiotics, vitamin D, and Zinc to keep boosting immunity all day, every day.

Elderberry Gummies

I loved these Elderberry gummies, and cannot wait to get more! They are strong in flavor, and you can taste the potency. They are not overly sweet because they are made from REAL Elderberries. 50 for every 2 gummies!

They are packed with vitamins to keep your immune system strong, and for every 2 gummies you get:

-90 mg’s of Vitamin C per serving

-25 mcg’s of Vitamin D3

-7.5 mg’s of Zinc

-6,500 mg’s of Black Elderberry fruit extract

(Elderberry gummies not intended for children younger than 4 years of age.)

Elderberry Drink

This Elderberry drink is good for a quick boost, and can be used hot or cold!

It’s easy to take with you and use on the go, at work, or before going to the gym. Anywhere you would encounter germs or large groups of people.

Adding Elderberry into your Immune Routine`

We have had such an easy time incorporating the Elderberry supplements into our routine. My husband and I have both been taking the Elderberry gummies before bed every night, and we really like the flavor.

My husband is a teacher, so this is something we always keep around in the fall and winter long! This product helps keep him healthy so he can keep doing his job, and keep others safe as well.

My thoughts on Clinical Immunity

I honestly love this package, and will be getting more of these supplements soon! They will be a must-have in my home throughout the year, but especially during cold and flu season.

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