7 Healthier Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives that don’t suck

Halloween starts off the holiday season, and is also the start of diets going out the window and often some winter weight gain. Choosing some healthier Halloween Candy Alternatives can help to cut down on the extra unwanted sugar, while still keeping the holiday fun and memorable.

Here are 7 brands of candy + cookies that are healthy alternatives to the regular Halloween candy in the grocery store.

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Smart Sweets

This is a brand I have tried recently and was pleasantly surprised.

I was a little skeptical of how the flavor would be, having only 2-3 grams of sugar per bag. But the flavor is great, and I will be buying these again.

If you like Sweedish Fish, try:

Smart Sweets: Sweet Fish. They are the perfect healthy Halloween candy alternative for Sweedish Fish, but with only 3 grams of sugar per bag.

Kick Sugar, Keep Candy. Smart Sweets Sweet Fish, Swedish Fish Halloween Candy Alternative
Image via Amazon.com

If you like Sour Patch Kids, try:

The Smart Sweets: Sour Blast Buddies taste just like Sour Patch Kids, but with just 3 grams of sugar per bag.

Image via Amazon.com

YumEarth: Chewys

YumEarth candies are free of 8 common allergens, are non-GMO, and never use artificial dyes or flavors.

These candies are made with organic rice syrup, and organic cane sugar for a treat you can feel better about eating or letting your kids eat.

If you like Starbursts, try:

The YumEarth Chewys is my favorite Starburst alternative, and Starbursts are one of my favorite candies.

Image via Amazon.com

Torie & Howard Organic Candies

The Torie and Howard brand is something I have tried a few times, and have always been happy with.

Their brand promise is to always use health-friendly, eco-friendly, and socially conscious principles while making these sweet treats.

That’s something I can get behind.

If you like Sour Starbursts, try:

This is a great alternative if you love Sour Starbursts. Torie and Howard Sour Chewie Fruits taste very similar to a Sour Starburst, and come individually wrapped, great for a trick-or-treat bowl!

Image via Amazon.com

Gummy People: Sour Skulls, Vikings & more

I have personally tried the Sour Viking candy and the Swedish Dala Horses candy from Gummy People, and they were both very tasty.

And these Sour Skulls are just too cute, perfect for Halloween!

Gummy People candy skulls for a healthier Halloween Candy Alternative

Gummy People is a brand that provides healthier candy options, all of which are Non-GMO, Gluten, and Gelatin Free, and have no artificial colors or flavors added.

Brookside Dark Chocolate

I love the taste of the Brookside Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Acai.

Dark Chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate because it contains less milk and less sugar.

Eating a little bit of dark chocolate every day can also reduce cravings and suppress appetite because it leaves you feeling more satisfied.

Image Via Amazon.com

You can find these at Costco typically, and If you can get them in person, I would, rather than buying them online. The only reason is that I have heard they can melt together if it’s too hot out and they get left on the porch after delivery.

Justin’s Peanut Butter cups

Does anyone else crave Reese’s cups every Halloween?

I know I do.

If you like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, try:

The absolute most PERFECT Reeses cup alternative is by far Justin’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups, Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives
Image Via Amazon.com

These Peanut Butter Cups are creamy and delicious, and they make a dark chocolate version, which is my personal favorite.

They also have cashew and almond butter cups for those who want or need something different.

Annies Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough

One Halloween tradition for my family is getting the Pilsbury cookie dough with the Haloween shapes in the dough.

But, as a healthier alternative, I LOVE Annie’s cookies.

If you like Pilsbury Shape Sugar Cookie Dough, try:

You can get these online via FreshDirect, or I believe Hy-Vee, Sprouts, Target, and possibly Safeway carry them as well.

With these, you could also roll out the dough and use cookie cutters in the shapes of Pumpkins or Bats, and then decorate to make them more festive!

Annies sugar cookies, healthy Halloween candy alternatives
Image via FreshDirect

What if I eat the Halloween Candy anyways?

Don’t beat yourself up if you indulge in some holiday treats.

Being overly restrictive can cause us to feel stressed, triggering our bodies to release cortisol into the bloodstream.

This in return, can cause unwanted weight retention or gain, and undo our efforts anyways.

Happy Halloween Candy Bowl

So if you end up eating holiday food, don’t worry about it.

Enjoy the food, time with friends, and be present in the moment.

As long as you pace yourself and don’t binge on sweets, you’ll be okay.

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