How to get glowing, healthy skin with one gummy a day

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Want glowing, healthy skin?

How comfortable we are in our skin can affect how we feel the whole day.

All of us want glowy, hydrated, plump skin, free of cellulite and blemishes.

Skin that we can feel confident in!

When our skin feels dull, dry, and irritated, it likely means our skin could use a little love.

Luckily, I know something that can help.

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RETRO: a gummy vitamin for healthier skin

Glowing skin is two gummy vitaminss a day away.

I know that sounds super cheesy, but I feel like it’s true.

To help my own skin, I have been taking a gummy vitamin called RETRO.

This juicy orange vitamin is PACKED with vitamin C, hibiscus, bamboo extract, and vitamin e.

Gummy vitamins for glowing healthy skin

Anti-Aging at its finest (and tastiest!)

Recently, O Positiv reached out to me to collaborate on a few projects, and during this time I’ve gotten to try some of their AMAZING products.

I was already taking FLO for my PMS symptoms before they reached out, so I was really excited to work with them.

Their gummy vitamin, RETRO, is a little orange, peach flavored gummy that is bursting with essential vitamins and extracts.

Taking these gummies daily can help promote healthy collagen and hydration levels, giving your skin a plump, healthy, and younger appearance.

Ingredients I can count on

If you have been reading my blog for a while, or follow me on social media, you know I am PICKY when it comes to taking supplements, the food I eat, the topical treatments I will use.

So if I am saying something could be beneficial and I am taking it myself, you know it must have good ingredients!

And for glowing, healthy skin, these ingredients really are the best.

  • Hibiscus
  • Bamboo Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C


You may have never heard of Astaxanthin before (I had to look it up myself), but there’s a reason it’s one of the ingredients listed here!

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment found in a lot of different fish, but most commonly Salmon.

It has been shown to have a lot of great antioxidant benefits and help smooth wrinkles and help promote moisture in the skin.

I have definitely found this to be true! My skin has felt a lot less dry since I’ve been using RETRO.


I have always loved the taste of Hibiscus in tea, and I feel like you can taste a hint of it in these gummies!

Better than that though, Hibiscus has SO many amazing health benefits.

One of those benefits comes from the high Vitamin C levels in Hibiscus.

According to, Vitamin C is vital for collagen production in the body and essential for collagen synthesis.

Hibiscus also supresses the enzyme responsible for collagen breakdown, Collagenese.

By supressing this enzyme, Hibiscus helps our skin to maintain it’s elasticity and fullness longer!

Bamboo Extract

Along side benefits like improved memory, stronger shinier hair, and stronger fingernails, Bamboo Extract is also great for your skin!

Bamboo Extract is probably best known for it’s ability to fight wrinkles.

This is because it helps naturally enhance our bodies collagen production.

Vitamin C

When we think of Vitamin C, we probably immediately go to orange juice and immune health.

But just like we talked about with Hibiscus, Vitamin C is neccesary for our bodies production of collagen.

Because of Vitamin C’s high antioxidant properties, it also helps to fight off free radicals, helping the skin to regenerate faster and stay healthy.

Free radicals are chemical compounds that put stress (oxidative stress) on the body and can cause aging.

By taking Vitamin C, we can help our body repair damaged cells and restore our skin.

Vitamin E

I think Vitamin E is probably one fo the most well known supplements (topically or orally) for skin health.

According to O Positiv, Vitamin E works together with Vitamin C in this product to help fight free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress in the skin.

My experience with RETRO

So far I have already had a great experience taking RETRO.

I feel like the biggest difference I feel is the hydration in my skin. I habitually drench my skin, especially my face, in lotion because it gets so dry.

Since taking RETRO, I’ve noticed I haven’t needed to use lotion on my face.

And I’ve only been using it for one month!

I’ve tried almost all of O Positiv’s products, and I love them, but I am pretty sure this gummy has my favorite flavor!

These sweet and tangy orange gummies have a peachy taste. The flavor reminds me of peach ring candies.

It’s something I can look forward to every day, and I have found that having my RETRO and FLO gummies to look forward to daily has decreased my sugar cravings.

RETRO also has a TON of amazing reviews on the O Positiv website, including reduced dark cirles, reduced wrinkles, better skin hydration and noticing smaller pores.

The RETRO vitamin is also vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO and gluten-free!

Try it for yourself!

If you want glowing, healthy skin and feel like this is the right choice for you, you can try out RETRO for yourself risk free by clicking here, or on the image below!

It is honestly one of my favorite products for skin care and hydration, and I of course only ever recomend things that I try myself and have had great results with.

Glowing healthy skin with gummy vitamins

Happiness guarantee!

One of the BEST parts about RETRO and O Positiv products is the Happiness Guarantee.

This means you can try the products risk-free for two months, and if they aren’t a good fit for you, you can get your money back.

Like any holistic health supplement, RETRO takes time to get into your system and start working.

You will probably start feeling the effects when you are taking your second bottle.

For me, I always give a supplement the full two months before deciding if it’s working or not.

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