5 Supplements to Balance Female Hormones Naturally

5 effective supplements for female hormone balance naturally

Hormone balance is something that is so important for women, especially those of us who have a family history of imbalance. These are my top 5 favorite herbal that help balance female hormones naturally.

Hormone Balancing herbs

I wrote an article a while back called How to Improve your Hormone Balance Naturally, which covered a specific type of herbal supplement that I LOVE.

Because that post was so popular,

I wanted to do a follow up post on other ways to achieve female hormonal balance in a completely natural way.

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Maca is a super herb grown in the harsh climate of the Andes mountains.

It has been said to have many amazing effects, including stamina, as well as vitality and endurance.

hormone balance, maca endurance

I have personally used Maca root before exercise,

and taken it in capsule form for hormone balance.

As well as helping women keep their hormones in check. Maca is also amazing for men’s health as well.

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Benefits of Maca Root:

-Increases Libido

-Boosts energy and endurance

-Can normalize Menopause symptoms

-Natural Aphrodisiac

-Supports mood

-Can support female sexual function

And those are just the women’s health benefits.

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Femmenessence Maca Harmony is a great Maca product for women looking to balance their hormones.

I have taken this one before, and it’s very effective!

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Vitex berry or Chaste Tree is an herb that helps women’s emotional and physical well-being.

This herb is known to help with a number of women’s health conditions including PMS, Infertility, Heavy flow, and Menopausal symptoms

The list goes on.

According to an article on verywellhealth.com, Vitex also carries the name “Chaste Tree” because it has been thought to suppress libido.

Vitex can also play a part in reproductive health, including the healthy production of breast milk, and can also help with post-partum hemorrhage.

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Vitex Berry benefits:

-Relief of PMS Symptoms

-Improve Female Fertility

-Help clear acne

-May reduce menopause symptoms

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Amazing Formulas makes a Vitex Berry supplement to help balance hormones and support women’s health.

It also has 250 servings per bottle, so it lasts you a VERY long time!

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Shatavari is an herb often used in Ayurvedic medicine. This amazing herb helps to support a healthy reproductive system.

This herb is said to be beneficial for “recharging” the female reproductive system in women of all ages, and can even help ease the hardships of menopause.

Other benefits of Shatavari include:

-Balance Hormones

-Ease Menstrual Pain

-Increase Breast Milk Production

-Promote Healthy Energy Levels

-Natural Antioxidant

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Jiva Botanicals Shatavari supplement can help with PMS relief, as well as healthy post partum hormones.

That being said it’s a good supplement for women no matter what stage of life you are in.

You can find this Shatavari supplement on Amazon!

Dong Quai

Referred to as “Female Ginseng”, the Dong Quai root is a great remedy for helping to balance female hormones, (though men can also benefit from this root as well).

Dong Quai is good for:

-Maintaining Hormone balance

-Menstrual regularity


-Detox Agent

-Can help reduce Mood Swings

As well as many other things!

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Hum makes a great supplement that has both Dong Quai and Vitex!

Moody Bird can help you prevent cramps, moodiness, cravings and irritability by taking it monthly.

It also has some really great reviews on Amazon!

Stasis Estrogen Balance Supplement

This is a supplement that you can find on Amazon, and claims to be able to help with hormone balance, support menopause, PMS, PCOS and even weight loss!

Diindolylmethane (also known as “DIM”) supports healthy estrogen balance and doesn’t let your estrogen get too high, or too low.

By helping support optimal estrogen balance, products that contain DIM may help women deal with the uncomfortable symptoms from menopause, PCOS, perimenopause, hormonal cystic acne, and weight management.

When estrogen is well-balanced, many may find the uncomfortable side effects such as night sweats, acne, hot flashes, and fluctuating moods disappear.

Stasis is a great supplement to start trying to balance female hormones, and feel better!

The best part? It’s 100% natural and found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli.

DIM Benefits:

-Reduce Severity of Hot Flashes and night sweats

-Improve female fertility

-Promotes a clearer complexion

-Stabilizes and enhances mood and energy

-Natural – found in broccoli and cruciferous vegetables

Vitauthority makes an extremely well-rounded natural hormone support formula that contains not only DIM, but also Myo-Inositol, D-Chiro Inositol, and Folate as well!

User feedback has been strong too, with 200+ 5 star reviews on Amazon thanks to great results and an affordable price point ($1/day).

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