7 Unhealthy Morning Habits you NEED to stop now.

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7 unhealthy morning habits

7 bad morning habits that can ruin your day.

Do you ever go through the day wondering if you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

Your Morning Habits are important.

Its 2021, a new year full of new possibilities! But if you keep your old habits, you may have a hard time creating new, healthy ones.

There are a lot of things we (myself included) do in the mornings that can just ruin the rest of the day.

I try my best to be as diligent and healthy as possible, but some days I fall off the wagon.

Usually, its because I hadn’t drank enough water in the morning,

or have neglected exercise.

But there are also some morning habits that we need to break if we want to live healthier lives.

I recently saw some advice on Facebook for things you should try to do in the mornings, and I thought,

“What are some things we really shouldn’t be doing in the morning?”

Here is my list of 7 things you need to STOP doing in the morning.

Bad morning habits you need to quit now

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1. Looking at your phone.

Checking phone, bad habits

This is a habit a lot of us have.

Looking at our cell phones when the room is still dark is one of the worst ways to start out the day.

Using your phone in a dark room can speed up vision loss, and the blue light from devices can be toxic for your eyes.

Take a shower, eat breakfast, or exercise before checking all your notifications from the night before.

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2. Hitting the snooze button.

sleeping in, morning habits

Sleeping in is one of the most glorious feelings ever.

But it perpetuates rushing around and feeling out of sorts for the whole day.

When we allow ourselves to sleep in too often, we get into the morning habits of laziness, complacency, and being less motivated.

TOO much sleep can also be bad on your health.

There is a surprising link between constant oversleep, heart disease and diabetes.

3. Eating sugar and carbs for breakfast.

This is a big no-no!

There is a time and place for sugar and carbs, and it is not at the breakfast table.

I know that things like pop-tarts and cereal are easy to reach for in the morning…

But empty carbs often make us more tired during the day, crankier, and leave us feeling hungry and unsatisfied an hour later.

This is one of the worst morning habits to create for yourself.

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Try getting up a little earlier, and making sausage and eggs instead.

OR my personal fave, Avocado + Bacon + Egg’s on Toast. It will leave you full and happy for hours.

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4. Drinking coffee before water.

Caffeine for Breakfast

Mmmn, the morning liquid gold.

I think this is something that 90% of us do.

Get up, put on the coffee pot and get ready for work.

Do you know that caffeine and coffee are pretty dehydrating? What your body and mind need first thing is actually water, or even lemon water.

Drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning can actually help hydrate you, and kick-start your metabolism for the day.

You can still have your cup-o-jo, just be sure to drink your glass of water first.

5. Skipping breakfast all together.

How often do we skip breakfast and grab coffee instead?

There is some studies that show a delayed morning meal can help your body to burn through extra calories if you are trying to lose weight.

There is nothing wrong with these, especially if you are on a specialized diet like Keto or doing intermittent fasting.

The problem is getting into the bad habit of just not eating breakfast.

Your body needs healthy protein and fat to work well. Give it what it needs by eating some meat and veggies in the morning!

Another way to stay fit and healthy while still eating breakfast is to do your workout first thing in the morning, and then make a good breakfast for yourself after.

6. Not stretching/exercising.

Active morning, stretching

Your muscles need to stretch and be worked, every-single-day.

How often do you take a moment during the morning to stretch?

The benefits of morning stretching or morning yoga or tai chi are pretty endless.

Plus, its a fun way to start your day and feel more productive!

Just to name a few though, people have seen improvements in posture, blood flow, energy production, and even fewer aches in their bodies.

Check out this article by Livestrong.com to see some more great reasons to stretch in the morning.

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7. Leaving the bed unmade.

My Tae Kwon Do instructor growing up used to give us kids something we needed to do at home every week, kinda like homework.

But the one thing she ALWAYS said we needed to do was: Make your bed when you get up.

She called this, Defeating the Rectangle.

Making the bed as a kid always seemed so daunting. But she was right, it is the first thing you should do every day.


Because making the bed in the morning lets you accomplish one thing, right as you wake up.

If you get nothing else done during the day, you at least accomplished one thing.

It makes your morning feel more complete, and it’s always nice to get to crawl into a nice, made bed when you are getting ready to go to sleep.

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