The Best Elderberry Gummies for immunity every day

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The Best Elderberry Gummies

Taking Elderberry in some form or fashion is a great choice for your winter supplement routine, and taking a vitamin in the form of a gummy just makes it way more fun. If you’re like me, you want to know what the BEST Elderberry gummies are, and where you can buy them.

You may also be wondering if the hype is really worth it and if Elderberry products really work.

Black Elderberry has blown up in popularity as a natural immune booster recently, and for good reason.

This small black-purple berry is packed with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, Potassium, vitamin A, Iron, Folate, and Calcium.

I have tried a lot of Elderberry gummies since my time working in the Vitamin Department at Sprouts Farmers Market, and I can say that there is only one brand I’d consider taking continuously.

And that’s LifeSeasons Elderberry Gummies.

Elderberry Gummies

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Here’s why:

LifeSeasons Elderberry Gummies are different.

These gummies contain:

  • 90mg of Vitamin C,
  • 25mcg of Vitamin D3, (one full serving of D3)
  • 7.5mg of Zinc
  • 100mg of Black Elderberry Fruit Extract
  • less sugar than nearly all other elderberry gummy options
  • real elderberry juice–not extract sprayed on maltodextrin, like many gummies
  • no sugar coating
  • full research-backed dose of zinc”

I have found with most other Elderberry Gummies I’ve taken, they only have half the amount of Black Elderberry extract, around 50mg or so.

Most other Elderberry gummy brands also don’t contain Vitamin D3, a major player in our immune function.

Two of these gummies contain the fruit extract from 50 Black Elderberries.

That amounts to 6,500 mg per two gummies!

Because LifeSeasons Clinical Immunity Elderberry Gummies are so potent, you can really feel them working to build up your immune system.

When I am taking them daily, I feel much more confident leaving the house, knowing my immune system is working hard to keep me healthy.

These gummies are Gluten Free, so there is no need to worry if you have a gluten intolerance.

Elderberry Benefits

Elderberries have a lot of great benefits, and not only for building immunity.

This amazing berry is known mostly for its effects on our immune systems, and that it’s a great supplement to take when we are feeling sick, or as a preventative measure to getting sick.

But it does have a few other lesser-known uses as well:

  • Fight cold & flu symptoms
  • Can reduce constipation
  • High in fiber
  • Can possibly lower blood sugar
  • High in vitamins and antioxidants

Elderberry can do a lot of things for our overall health as well as help us kick a cold.

These are some of the reasons I take Elderberry Gummies daily, and not just during wintertime!

the Best Elderberry Gummies
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What do LifeSeasons Elderberry Gummies taste like?

I love the taste of these gummies, and actually prefer it to most other gummy supplements.

They are not too sugary, they are not flat and flavorless.

I would describe these gummies as tart, almost sour, with mildly sweet undertones. The texture is very pleasant, and you can tell that they are more potent than other Elderberry gummies.

These gummies have their own unique taste, which I have found is unlike other Elderberry Gummies I have tried and I really enjoy it.

Do Elderberry Gummies have side effects?

The short answer is no, not really.

With pretty much anything though, there are some drawbacks. For Elderberry, this is when the berries are uncooked and raw.

While fresh Elderberries from a tree can have some potentially harmful side effects, elderberry supplements are made with cooked berries, which negates these effects.

LifeSeasons Clinical Immunity

LifeSeasons has worked hard to make a set of products that will quickly boost your immunity, and keep it elevated to keep you safe and healthy this winter.

The Clinical Immunity series is a 4 part set that includes Quick-Start, Daily Boost, Elderberry Gummies, and an Elderberry drink mix.

Quick-Start preps your body and immune system to activate your body’s natural defenses against invaders.

Daily Boost keeps those defenses up like a boxer keeps their guard up in a fight. With a high daily dose of Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc (alongside a few others), your immune system will be prepared for whatever’s coming.

Elderberry Gummies give your body that boost of antioxidants that it needs to keep going during cold and flu season and help you feel your best. These are what we’ve gone over today in this article, and I can’t recommend them enough!

Elderberry Drink mix is great for on the go. This powdered mix contains the extract from 300 berries per mix pack! That is a crazy amazing amount of Elderberry and is great to boost immunity especially if you find yourself in a crowded area like a mall, airport, or any other crowded area.

You can read my full review post on Clinical Immunity here!

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