How to greatly improve your sleep quality with Magnesium or Melatonin

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Getting a peaceful night’s sleep can be near impossible for some of us. Being a mom of a young child, I’ve had my share of sleepless nights. But even when there are things outside of our control, taking care of our sleep is so important, in all stages of life! Taking a supplement with either Magnesium or Melatonin can significantly improve your sleep quality.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about two very similar supplements that help promote a great night’s sleep. One of them uses Magnesium, the other uses Melatonin.

We will also talk about how to choose which one might be best for you!

Improve your sleep quality

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My husband and I have both had trouble sleeping, me for going on 4 years, for him, it’s been his entire life.

There have been very few things that have helped him, like taking the LifeSeasons herbal supplement Anxie-T. That has worked to help lower his cortisol back to a healthy level.

Even still, some nights it’s still been hard for him to sleep, and he needs some extra support.

So, we both tried out Rest-ZZZ by LifeSeasons, and both of us have had such good results with it!

Before, I talk more about the product though,

I want to talk about why it’s so crucial to your health to sleep well.

Why it’s important to get a good night’s rest

Sleep is one of the important pillars of health, along with diet, exercise, and stress.

Each pillar plays into the others.

The Four Pillars of Health

For example,

If you get enough exercise, you will sleep better.

If you sleep better, your stress levels or cortisol will lower.

When your stress levels lower, you’ll have enough energy to make your own food at home.

Eating more nutritious well-planned food at home, your exercise will be better.

If one of these pillars crumbles, the hypothetical building of our overall health might be okay for a little while,

but it will have a domino effect.

Good sleep = being well rested the next day = more motivation to exercise and cook our own food, + lower stress.

Taking care of our sleep should be one of our biggest priorities because it does affect the rest of our health holistically.

Does Rest-ZZZ help improve your sleep quality?

The supplement(s) we will be talking about today are Rest-ZZZ, both the Melatonin version and the Magnesium version.

Improve your Sleep Quality with Rest-ZZZ by LifeSeasons

Rest-ZZZ by LifeSeasons helps support a good night’s rest!

The ingredients are top quality, as always with the LifeSeasons brand.

These ingredients include:

Melatonin (or Magnesium)
GABA – can help reduce neuronal excitability
Passion Flower – can aid in relaxation, and helps with reducing anxiety and stress.
Lemon Balm – promotes relaxation and sleep, and can help reduce anxiety and stress.
Chamomile – anti-inflammatory, promotes digestion, good sleep, and boosts immunity
Valerian – helps reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as promotes better sleep.
Hawthorn Berry – can protect the body against heart disease and high blood pressure.

Melatonin is the hormone created by the brain to regulate our sleep cycle, telling us it’s bedtime when the sun goes down, and to wake up when it rises.

Magnesium is a mineral that helps to activate our body’s parasympathetic nervous system. This system controls sleep and relaxation and that is why so many people take magnesium supplements for stress, anxiety, and sleep.

If we are deficient in Magnesium, it can make it very hard to sleep at night.

These two ingredients are the main difference between the Rest-ZZZ products, and choosing which works best for you can depend on a few things, including your sleep goals and your sensitivity to Melatonin.

Why you should consider the Magnesium version

I personally favor the Magnesium, Melatonin-Free version myself.

Both of us have been using Rest-ZZZ (Melatonin-Free) alongside our typical daily supplements this week, and we have both noticed deeper, more comfortable sleep.

I really like it!

I have really noticed myself having deeper sleep, dreaming more, and not waking up during the night multiple times.

This is also the version my husband tried out, and he had great results with it as well!

Results do depend on each individual though, so your results might vary from ours.

Every cell in our bodies uses Magnesium, and a lot of us are deficient in it.

It’s important for a healthy brain, heart, and muscular function, and I have tested it firsthand to help lower my own Blood Pressure.

Click here to try out Rest-ZZZ with Magnesium!

Why you should consider the Melatonin Version

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the brain that tells us its time to go to sleep.

It helps to regulate our circadian rhythm, our sleep/wake cycle, and better REM sleep.

I typically find that magnesium feels gentler than melatonin, but in Rest-ZZZ, I don’t feel the Melatonin hangover the next morning.

It doesn’t make me feel groggy when I wake up the next morning, which I can sometimes feel when I take other melatonin supplements.

Click here to try out Rest-ZZZ with Melatonin!

My Results with Rest-ZZZ

I have found that both the Magnesium and Melatonin Rest-ZZZ products have helped me not only fall asleep faster but stay asleep longer.

The first night I took the Rest-ZZZ Melatonin-Free supplement, I slept HARD.

I think my body just needed a good reset and a full 8 hours of rest.

I’ll be the first to admit that my sleeping habits haven’t been the best recently, and I had gotten into the habit of going to sleep at 11:45 pm instead of 9:45 pm like usual.

Taking a sleep supplement also made me more intentional about getting to bed on time.

It’s best to take Rest-ZZZ 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep,

So to make sure I would get to sleep at the time I wanted to, I would take it just after 9 pm and make sure to be in bed at 9:30 pm.

That may seem early, but I wake up at 6 am, usually regardless of my nighttime routine.

I also tried the Melatonin Rest-ZZZ, and it worked about the same.

I slept hard, had more vivid dreams, and my brain and body felt noticeably more rested the next morning!

Why I choose LifeSeasons as my go-to supplement company

LifeSeasons Supplements

I have been taking LifeSeasons products for at least 3 years.

They reached out to me at the beginning of my blogging journey and asked if I’d like to try some products and maybe feature some on my website if they worked well for me personally.

One of those was BPStabili-T, and it honestly changed my life.

If you want to read my post-partum preeclampsia story, and how this product lowered my blood pressure from 130/75 to 115/65 in two weeks, click here.

After that, I trust them with anything and everything when it comes to supplements.

LifeSeasons makes high-quality products and only uses the best herbal ingredients.

Their tagline is Nature works. Science proves it.

And it couldn’t be more true!

You can find many articles here on a Natural Endeavor featuring their amazing products, I hope you find one that works great for you!

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